Style May 27, 2016
Guest post
We’ve got a new feature on Fridays, we call it Ladyloves. It’s very simple, we ask some ladies we love what they love right now. To kick it off, we asked the world’s hottest bag ladies, Anna and Lydia from Tiba+Marl what’s on their radar…
“We both LOVE a pool slide and basically lived in them last summer – we have even both been known to rock them with a sock, if the pedicure wasn’t up to scratch 😉 ! They are the perfect mix of effortless cool and comfort, super easy to dress up or down, and more importantly, mega quick to get on & off in a rush! You are more likely to see us running around the park than the pool, but hey we can dream! “
Here are their top 5 pool slides…



Anna and Lydia are founders of TIBA+MARL, who are making changing bags cool for fashionable mums and dads with a range of highly coveted changing bags that balance functionality with cool modernity.  The pair set out to create a brand that reflected their love of fashion, family, print and detail. Their bags have been quickly snapped up by the likes of prestigious retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges and Check them out here…


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Talking Points May 26, 2016
Guest post
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This month’s Ladyland Book Club comes from Hollie de Cruz, founder of London Hypnobirthing and the creator of YESMUM positive affirmation cards. She’s all about positive change so when we asked her to recommend a great book, it’s no wonder she chose this inspiring read.

When I started my business five years ago my first instinct was to buy as many books as possible to tell me how to do it. I am a reader and a learner and this is what I do when I start something new. I feel safe when I have books around me; like the answers I’m looking for are right there in the same room as me waiting to be digested and actioned. That said, most of the business books I read when starting out were either way too generic for the niche set-up I was trying to carve out, or completely overwhelming in their insistence on rigidly-structured business plans and large-scale funding. That was until a beautiful friend of mine with a background in social enterprise recommended I read Start Something That Matters. This book, written by the Founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie, was a complete game-changer for me and has been fundamental in how I’ve structured my livelihood and define the success of it.

The book opens with this passage:

To laugh often and love much
To win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children

To earn the appreciation of honest critics
Endure the betrayal of false friends

To appreciate beauty
To find the best in others
To leave the world a bit better
Whether by a healthy child,
A garden patch, or a redeemed social condition

To know even one life has breathed easier
Because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

When I first opened this book I must have read that passage about ten times. Its offering of humanity and spirit was what stood it apart from every other business book I’d encountered, and the feeling behind the words resonated with everything I envisaged my own business (and life, relationships etc) becoming. As a mother and an ambitious entrepreneur, I have always known I didn’t want my life split into fragments of work and home, but rather a coherent and fulfilling existence involving a present undertaking of both.

Page by page, this book carries on redefining one’s relationship with personal and professional success, bringing them together and encouraging the reader to look within for meaning and motivation. It moves away from the formulaic guidelines of large corporations and strives to put human experience at the heart of business plans and social change.

Contrasting the extremes of large (and financially lucrative) private companies with charity projects or underfunded welfare organisations, it offers insight into the middle ground of for-profit businesses that can make a valuable contribution to society in the process, and that can be set up by anyone with a bit of passion and drive.

Blake proudly and openly shares the story of TOMS (essentially for every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair to a child in need), which started with very little funding but a strong vision and commitment for creating a business that offered a consumer product (and income stream) whilst generating charitable support for children in less developed parts of the world. He demonstrates that if you keep telling your story, the word spreads, people hear and things move.

More than sharing just his story though, Blake offers the TOMS business model as a blueprint to inspire other budding social entrepreneurs, and leads them in the direction of starting something that matters. He shares contacts, resources and organisations that can help along the way and stresses the importance of transparency – keeping “the story” at the heart of what you do. This is something I’ve found so helpful in my business and when the shit hits the fan (which it inevitably does when you’re wearing all the hats) I often stop and ask myself, “Why am I doing this? What’s my message?”

Above all, it inspires us to keep things simple in a hectic world, something that in my eyes can only help the life of a mother, entrepreneur and life-liver.

Thanks Hollie, we’ll check it out!

Start Something That Matters, Blake Mycoskie, 2012

Ebury Publishing
ISBN: 9780753540244 


Hollie de Cruz is a birth and motherhood educator and a pioneer for social change amongst women. She is the founder of London Hypnobirthing and the creator of YESMUM positive affirmation cards, and lives in South London with her husband and son, Oscar.
(Image by Charlotte Gray)


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Ladyloop May 25, 2016
All the ladies
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 14.24.13

Here’s a little round-up of things we’ve found interesting on the web this week. We call it the Ladyloop. So if you’re looking for somewhere to begin your web wanderings, this is a good place to start each Wednesday…

Clementine is looking forward to visit the new Tate Modern extension, opening on the 17th of June.


Bella witnessed the sheer might of crochet craft when she happened upon Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight’s moving installation, 5000 Poppies, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. On until Saturday as part of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Selina is always in the mood for cake, but these mirror cakes really are too perfect to eat… 

Jesus Osorio - Neuland - gigantes

Margherita wishes she was a character in Jesús Osorio’s fractured and evocative paintings.


Emma needs these multi-coloured Matisse inspired happy pants in her life. 

felted veggies

Celia is hoping to get in shape for summer, she’s started getting healthy by looking at these wonderful Felted Vegetables that cling to Embroidery Hoops by Veselka Bulkan.

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Beauty May 24, 2016
Bella Binns

Repeat after me, Olaplex. Oooh-laaaa-plex. If you’re partial to a spot of bleach, tinting your hair a new candy colour every month (erm Emma), or just fighting a losing battle with greys, trust me, you need Olaplex in your life.

The treatment, which your colourist mixes in with your dye or bleach (NB. there’s also an at-home aftercare product, No.3), was created in the States by a leading chemist, Dr. Craig Hawker, who was presented with a brief to create the ‘Holy Grail’ of hair products without the use of pesky synthetic silicones – what most hair taming treatments rely on.


The result was Olaplex, a formula that actually re-builds the broken bonds in damaged hair caused by chemical processing, aka colouring, or heat styling. Don’t ask me how it works, this is PhD level science, all you need to know is that every big hair brand out there is now desperately scrabbling to create their own version (Olaplex is totally independent you see), as yet to no avail.

It’s really no exaggeration to say it’s completely revolutionised hairdressing in the States (witness their 757k insta followers and a roster of A-list clients who rave about it constantly) and now it’s here in over 2,500 salons in the UK and counting, including the new Brixton branch of Blue Tit, where we sent Clem to test it out. Here’s how she got on…


Q. How did the Olaplex treatment work, at what stage was it applied to your hair?

A. Harriet (Bluetit’s No.1 colourist FYI) mixed the Olaplex treatment (No.1) directly into the bleach for my balayage, then, once my colour had developed, my hair was rinsed thoroughly and an Olaplex mask (No.2) was applied for about 10 minutes.

Q. How did your hair feel straight afterwards?

A. My hair was super soft, and smelled amazing… But that could be the shampoo and conditioner Harriet used!

Q. How much difference did you notice in your hair condition from your usual home colour?

A. My hair has been pretty easy to manage so far. My usual home colouring would most of the time give me a pretty decent result, but once the conditioning treatment that comes with the product was finished, my hair would quickly become coarse, fuzzy and difficult to manage again. Now my hair is still REALLY soft and bouncy, and I don’t feel like I need to blow dry it to get a smooth texture.

Q. How did it affect the texture of your grey hairs?

A. Well all of my hair is noticeably softer, so I do think it’s helped with the texture of my greys.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A. I love my new hair! The colour looks really natural − it’s like me, just better looking! I’m pretty sure it’s not just down to Olaplex though, but mainly because of Harriet ’s talent. What the Olaplex has helped with is the glossy finish, because even the blonder sections don’t feel remotely straw-like which was definitely not the case with previous colours.


Photography: Emma Scott-Child
Model: Clementine Larvor



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Hacks May 23, 2016
Emma Scott-Child

If you like the occasional boiled egg but can’t be bothered with peeling it, alternating a little bit of fiddling with a little bit of swearing, followed by some faffing about with tiny bits of shell on your egg…. well, this will help you out.

Add some baking soda to your the water while you’re boiling your eggs and the shell will peel straight off, no faffing needed. It’s true, it’s science. Baking soda increases the alkalinity of the water, which helps separate the egg from the shell.

For best results, run the egg under a cold tap before you peel it which also helps loosen it from the shell.

We do life hacks every Monday, have you got a good one?

Photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child

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Style May 19, 2016
Guest post

……and other fancy things.

Why is it so bloody hard to find something you want to buy when you’re shopping for a specific occasion? Give me cash in my pocket and no plans on the horizon and I’ll accidentally come across at least 5 fancy dresses that I would love to wear. But as soon as there’s a date in my diary, I’ll be damned if I can find a single thing that fits the bill. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is. I really should start buying these things when I see them.  But I’ve told myself that plenty of times before and yet I still haven’t done it. Ho hum.

On the upside, it means my months (literally) of searching for the perfect wedding-appropriate dress has left me with a hot list of styles that, whilst weren’t quite right for me, are very possibly right for you. So here it is: Dresses to wear to weddings (or parties). No waffle, just a list of pretty pictures with prices and links. Happy shopping!

(click the image to shop)











Kelly Moseley is a freelance Fashion and Content Director living in South West London. Her former life as a magazine fashion editor means she’s pretty much a professional shopaholic with a knack for justifying almost any style related purchase,whatever the cost (otherwise known by her partner as ‘kelly-no mics’). Mum to George (6) and Charlie (3 months),Step-mum to Darcey (4) you’ll most likely find Kelly drinking triple-shot flat whites or large glasses of Sauv Blanc while juggling 5,000 different tasks. You’ll find her on Instagram @kellysmoseley

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Ladyloop May 18, 2016
All the ladies

Here’s a little round-up of things we’ve found interesting on the web this week. We call it the Ladyloop. So if you’re looking for somewhere to begin your web wanderings, this is a good place to start each Wednesday…

Clem found further proof that John Malkovich is utterly awesome… and bonkers!


Uh-oh. Looks like a bulk order from the US is on the cards. Selina loves everything about the Oh Joy collection for Target... and they now ship worldwide!

oh joy for target 2

Bella is booking a ticket to this South London Gallery screening and Q&A of Rough Auntiesa Sundance-winning documentary by Kim Longinotto about a group of women who care for abused and neglected children in Durban, South Africa.


Celia continues her gold obsession and loves the juxtaposition of it against the raw interior materials of The Sawmill house by Archier in Yackandandah, Australia


Margherita never thought she’d be excited about airport expansions, but if architecture firm HOK’s green proposal for London Heathrow’s Terminal 6 goes ahead, that’s what it would be, exciting!

Heathrow Airport Expansion HOK's proposal

Emma loves this artwork by French artist Thomas Mailaender. Taking old large-format negatives from the vast London-based photographic Archive of Modern Conflict, he burned their images directly onto the skin of people using UV sun lamps. It’s part of a group show at TJ Boulting in London.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.20.50 am


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Craft, Kid Wrangling May 17, 2016
Emma Scott-Child
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.53.08 pm

I recently made these paper stars for my daughter’s birthday party. They are super easy because they are made of paper bags. I managed to transform a room in the back of our local pub from a stinky hipster dive bar into a lavish ballerina palace.

I’m also looking forward to busting them out again for Christmas, they would be great for a school fair, window decorations, weddings, bat mitzvahs… you get the idea.

LL_miniheaders_YOU WILL NEED_620

1. Paper bags. I used paper sweetie bags, you can get these really cheaply. You can buy them online but I go to a place in Shoreditch (in London) called Gardeners, who sell bags wholesale to Spitalfields Market. It’s one of those great ramshackled old shops that feels like it hasn’t changed in 100 years.

2. A glue stick

3. Scissors

Watch the video to see how I did it.


To see more kickass craft, take a look at our YouTube channel.

Video and styling: Emma Scott-child

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Ladyloop May 11, 2016
All the ladies

Here’s a little round-up of things we’ve found interesting on the web this week. We call it the Ladyloop. So if you’re looking for somewhere to begin your web wanderings, this is a good place to start each Wednesday…

Emma loves this cactus top (above) from Indikidual. After all, the cactus is the new pineapple. The whole collection is so cute!


Frustrated by the depressing lack of space in her stomach (now she’s 31 weeks pregnant), Bella’s been taunting herself with Pearl and Groove’s gluten-free cake porn.


Celia had never heard of Marfa in Texas but after reading the reading The Glitterguide to Marfa, Texas its one more place added to her bucket list!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 14.10.12

Clementine is reigning herself in, but her obsession with the Lamp Gras n*214 is getting hard to control, it’s popping up everywhere!


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Spaces May 10, 2016
Celia Richardson

I’ve just landed the worst clients ever and I’m doing their bathroom. They are fussy, can’t agree and want all the nicest bathroom fittings but can’t afford them.

Yes, me and my husband are renovating the bathroom and shower room of our new house.

I’ve seriously had to reign myself in from getting carried away with the design elements and not asking my husband’s opinion AT ALL, so have decided to approach the project as if I’m presenting to a client instead, which has actually brought in some lovely and surprising ideas from my better half.

Here’s our starting point. We both wanted a feature floor with encaustic (or cement) tiles, we have them in our current bathroom and love them. They’re definitely not cheap but, increasingly, there are lots of places that sell them now, some of my favourites being Bert and May (reclaimed but also new), Lindsey Lang (contemporary British designer) and Mosaic Del Sur (traditional patterns and bespoke designs).

I have honed down my (many) images to show bathrooms which have a patterned floor but white wall tiles, as I knew I wanted to keep the wall finish white and simple to offset the floor. I also wanted to see other examples of a brick/metro tile against the patterned tile.

The top bathroom (main image) really ticked all the boxes, the dark grout in the wall tiles blends nicely with the floor and I really like the dark ceiling. We also both loved the gold taps.



I really love the black taps in this bathroom and the geometric pattern, again the metro tiles looks great and showcase the dark grout I like.


I think this space has great character, but this isn’t a slick bathroom so my husband wasn’t keen, however it’s still doing it for me with the dark ceiling again and the more intricate pattern of the tiles, gold taps and simple wall lights.

bathroom 3

Oh look there’s the same tiles…this is the other side of the bathroom above and I adore the green bath, unfortunately we haven’t got space for a roll top bath but the colour did get me thinking!


This image also has marble with wall mounted taps and a strong black mirror which I really like. Marble, if it’s your cup of tea, makes a great transition between wall surfaces.


Applying a professional head to the process, I would advise that you give yourself one thing at a time to focus on with your space. Pinterest is a great resource, but its easy to get in a muddle. By purely looking at how other people had paired the patterned tile I knew I wanted to use either square or metro tiles in a ‘brick bond’ or ‘running bond’ pattern. Also when I look back over the images there is a clear theme with a strong ceiling colour and some very geometric shapes rather than intricate patterns.

Then came the surprising curve ball, just when I thought I had sold it in and knew where I was going, my husband announced he wanted a pink tiled bathroom! Strangely Clem and I had been discussing it as something we wondered if we were brave enough to do just the week before, so I wasn’t against the idea.

pink tiles

Then I saw this bathroom and instantly fell in love.

So we have now agreed that the shower room will have the pink tiles and the main bathroom will have the metro style tiles with a black ceiling. My mind was set when I stumbled upon one floor tile that could be used in both bathrooms to tie them together.sample-boardSo, this is the final materials board with our chosen tile in the centre, a match of paint colours we can paint the ceiling in the bathroom (blue or black), the pink square tile for the shower room and the white metro tile for the bathroom.

I’m getting my pink tiles from my supplier, but Domus would probably be able to source them if I have convinced you?! For simple wall tiles I use Walls and Floors as they are reasonable and reliable.

Watch this space for more updates!




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