Craft, Kid Wrangling June 30, 2016
Emma Scott-Child

Here’s a really simple garden project – DIY wooden bunting.

We’re building a “treehouse” for the kids in our garden. I say “treehouse” because there are no trees in our garden. In fact calling it a garden is quite a compliment, it’s a courtyard that now has a shed on stilts in the corner …which needs a bit of jazzing up. So to decorate it I thought some bunting might be nice, but fabric bunting always ends up looking kind of ratty after a while when it’s outside, so I used some left-over wood instead.

To paint it, I used sample paint pots, I have quite a few. I think have every colour Farrow & Ball, Little Green and Sanderson have ever made between blue and green – and still I don’t think I’ve found the right colour for the hallway – but these are perfect for this sort of project. The paint might weather a bit because it’s emulsion, not outdoor paint but hopefully it will add to the charm.


LL_miniheaders_YOU WILL NEED_620

  1. Strips of wood – I used old floor boards.
  2. Paint
  3. Screw in hooks
  4. Rope


1. Saw the first triangle, then use it as a template for the rest.

2. Sand the edges so they don’t shed splinters, then paint them. I had some little helpers for this part. They did a great job.

3. Screw in the hooks and thread them on the rope.

4. I tied knots along the bunting so they hang at regular intervals instead of sliding together in the middle.






Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child

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Ladyloop June 29, 2016
All the ladies
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.08.20 pm

Here’s a little round-up of things we’ve found interesting on the web this week. We call it the Ladyloop. So if you’re looking for somewhere to begin your web wanderings, this is a good place to start each Wednesday…

Although recently drawing some criticism, Celia would love to see Christo’s most recent installation of floating orange pathways that temporarily connect the shore of Italy‘s Lake Iseo to its central islands this summer. 


A new magazine for young women with “who have curious minds and creative hands”? Selina wishes Little Wren was around when she was younger!

Little Wren

Just one more reason to head to Frank’s in Peckham for an al fresco (weather appropriate) Dark & Stormy – Bella is feeling the fancy new pink staircase by Bold Tendencies artist, Simon Whybray.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.02.29 pm

Emma loved meeting Sahar from Trunkeroo this week. If you’re looking for easy things to do with your kids, check out their activity boxes. They send a box of craft and science projects to your door with everything you need to have fun.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.23.04 pm


Clementine has been in serious need of a pick me up lately, and The Guardian’s 15 reasons to be cheerful, post Brexit have helped a little, especially number 8.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.01.18 pm

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Hacks June 27, 2016
Emma Scott-Child

I have been doing some intensive DIY over the last few weekends and I’ve managed to get hold of some cheap labour in the form of my dad, who spent most of his career up a ladder with a paintbrush in a natural history museum. Here are his tips for keeping paint and rollers fresh.

First, use foil to line your roller tray, this makes cleaning up super easy because you just fold it up at the end and don’t need to clean the tray.

If you need to leave it for a while, paint the rim of the tray with wet paint then cover it in cling film. The wet paint will seal the edge and stop air from drying out the paint and the roller.

We do life hacks every Monday. Have you got a good one?

Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child


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Style June 24, 2016
Guest post

This week we have hot stuff Kelly Seymour from jewellery label Cult of Youth as our Ladylove. She’s been making jewellery for four years as a silversmith and has made several sold out collections for Urban Outfitters. She also has a kid called Elvis, loves heavy metal and plays the drums. Basically give her anything noisy and dirty and she’s right at home. What a kickass woman. These are her top 5 heavy metal loves right now …that won’t disturb your neighbours. 

“I’m a jeweller and so a bit obsessed all things sparkle in every aspect of my life…. I’m also a bit of a magpie and always on the hunt for treasure. These are definitely some of my favourite brands and lucky for me they’ve got some wish list worthy heavy metal pieces at the moment (which also double up as festival faves.)”







Kelly Seymour is the creator of jewellery label Cult of Youth and the famous Mama necklace – she even has a matching mama tattoo. After having her baby Elvis, she feels like she can take on the world. Except getting her driver’s licence which she’s been working on for ten years. 

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Talking Points June 23, 2016
Guest post

So far this summer, the UK has provided a baffling triptych of wind, rain and sun. Dark clouds follow blue skies and barbecue invites draw a snigger. Whatever the weather, one thing we can always rely on is a great book to take us to faraway places, allow new ideas to surface, and inspire us throughout the season. This month’s book club books are fit for the beach or a wet weekend – the aim is to relax and for your mind to be transported elsewhere.

The Girls


Oscillating between the teenage years and adulthood of protagonist Evie Boyd, Emma Cline’s tantalising debut novel transports us to the murky world of a Manson-family-like cult – where women are objects and life can be nasty, brutal and short but where female relationships are powerful and life changing. Evie meets the cult girls in a Californian park in the 1960s. What begins as a friendly childhood infatuation sees Evie drawn deeper into the cult run by a charismatic male leader whilst her parents’ breakup rages in the background. As an adult Evie unearths memories of her time with the girls, she questions society then and now and her own morality in some of the suspect goings on. The result gives us an insight into fear and the fragility of freedom.
The Girls, Emma Cline, Vintage Publishing



For those that loved One Day or The Versions of Us comes a fresh take on one of my favourite literary devices – to chart a life by date, revisiting characters over time. Invincible Summers follows four friends for twenty summers – starting as they are finishing university, sitting on the green, excited by their lives ahead, and ending as they approach 40 and have faced life’s trials and tribulations. Eva is our protagonist who comes from a lefty family. After studying Physics she has unintentionally found herself in the cutthroat world of London’s Square Mile. As the friends’ lives take divergent paths – from starting a family, to a prison sentence for drug offences – we observe how friendships evolve over decades. Author Amy Adams has created a world that will resonate with us all, that is unflinchingly uncompromising and urges us to remember those friendships we cherish.
Invincible Summer, Alice Adams – Pan Macmillan




Under the scorching heat of the Caribbean sun we meet Margot, a highly ambitious hotel assistant who will do anything for financial gain to mobilise her teenage sister Thandi out of the ghetto in which she lives. Thandi is meanwhile preoccupied with her looks and secret skin-bleaching activities. As Margot delves deeper into the murky underworld of hotel resorts and the sex trade she risks leaving her sister and her real love, a woman, behind. A brave and assured debut by Jamaican Nicole Dennis-Benn – with its rich language and provocative storyline this novel has made it to my book of the year list.
Here Comes The Sun, Nicole Dennis-Benn – WW Norton (Available3o August, 2016)



For Tom Bullough’s fourth novel, Addlands, we head to Wales and follow two generations of the Hamer family working the Funnon Farm deep in the Welsh borders. Over seven decades we witness the family’s developing bonds to each other and to the land they are born on. We meet Idris, who is plagued by memories of World War I; his son Oliver, a drinker and a fighter; and Etta, Oliver’s mother who is struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world that threatens their existence. Bullough paints an alluring tale of land and complex characters through exquisite language and an innate understanding of what it means to belong.
Addlands, Tom Bullough – Granta Books



Parks are an essential part of our societies. No matter where you live, reside or travel to, a park gives you a sense of peace and is often at once a space public and private unlike any other. The erudite cultural historian Travis Elborough brings us this witty and deeply researched ramble through the history of parks. In doing so he offers a myriad of insights, from the first parks used as royal hunting grounds, to their conversion into wartime farms. Covering not just the UK but also hopping across the Channel and over the Atlantic, Elborough also presents a host of illuminating characters. It will certainly inspire you to find out about your local park and cherish one of our greatest institutions.
A Walk In The Park, Travis Elborough – Vintage Publishing



Writer, publisher and editor extraordinaire Elena Lappin has penned this new memoir that elegantly traces her life through the tapestry of countries she has lived in: Russia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Israel, Canada and the United States. London is now her home but as a polyglot fluent in German, Russian, Czech, Hebrew and English, Elena makes a complicated discovery about her family history and the way languages have impacted her life and her understanding of the world. This inspirational and honest book is a gift to those who love languages.
What Languages Do I Dream In?, Elena Lappin – Little, Brown Book Group


Sharmaine Lovegrove is a fourth-generation Londoner. Her life has been dedicated to books and stories and now she runs page to screen consultancy Dialogue Scouting – finding books for film and TV adaptation. After six wonderful years in Berlin where she owned a boutique English-language bookshop, Sharmaine recently moved back to London with her journalist husband and their animal-loving 4 year-old son Jackson.

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Ladyloop June 22, 2016
All the ladies

It’s a big week for this tiny island we call home, so with our feet firmly in camp BREX-IN (aka the Remain campaign), and the fact that it’s Refugee Week, we’ve given our weekly Ladyloop a distinctly global spin…

Emma will be wearing her Choose Love t-shirt this week for Help Refugees. You can get one here, proceeds go to the charity who are on the ground in Calais doing the hard work to help people who so desperately need it.



Celia is baffled by the fact that everyday people like herself have a right to make a decision about the future of Europe in Britain, surely we’re not qualified? Whether you like him or not, Richard Dawkins has made some excellent points on the matter.



Bella would give her eye teeth for tickets to see The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians, reassembled from far-flung countries across the world by Damon Albarn for his Africa Express project, at the South Bank Centre this weekend.


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 3.38.30 pm

Clementine had a good laugh watching John Oliver’s take on Brexit.



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Beauty June 21, 2016
Bella Binns

One of the questions I get asked most as a beauty editor has to be ‘where can I get a decent facial that won’t flare up my skin?’. While I can’t comment confidently for outside the M25, London is my stomping ground after all, I have been lucky enough to sample some of the finest facials this fair city has to offer − from understated back rooms in therapists’ houses, to the full on finery of our capital’s most decadent spa hotels. I know, and they call this a job!

Of all these treatments, one thing I keep coming back to is the importance of the products used. It’s no secret I’m a sucker for anything organic, naturally-derived or biodynamic, but often finding a facial to fit this brief can be a challenge. Or so I thought until recently when a combination of becoming pregnant, and sheer luck caused me to stumble upon a new wave of supernatural facials that are a) ultra kind to skin and b) don’t use ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Everyone’s a winner!


First up is the Skin & Tonic Skinfood Facial at Triyoga, £80 for 60 minutes.

If you don’t already know this brand, but demand your skincare is clean and green, you really need to check these guys out − the range is wonderful, especially the Gentle Scrub made with French pink clay, plus all ingredients are certified organic with a maximum of seven per product. Therapist Vanessa Gruninger has worked closely with the brand to hone the perfect facial experience with just the right amount of exfoliation and manual manipulation, without ever feeling like your face is under attack. It was so relaxing I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes, but every now and then I came to and glimpsed the trees through the skylight of the warm, wood-clad treatment room. Afterwards my skin had a genuine tingling glow and felt ultra smooth, though a few considerable blemishes did surface within a few days which I saw as a positive, purging side effect of the treatment.


My second recommendation is for new niche natural brand anannè who offer a Signature Facial, £45 for 45 minutes (booking fee redeemable against products purchased), on selected days via their counter in Fenwick, Bond Street  – next available dates are Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July btw. The facial itself is a luxurious blend of traditional massage and ananné’s high-end organic skincare range which is made with the purest natural ingredients of plant or mineral origin to nourish, heal and help renew compromised skin.  To book, call the counter on 0207 629 9161 ext. 276.

Last but not least, I want to share a little love for Bamford who are always at the top of my recommended facials list – just the thought of entering their beautiful satellite Haybarn treatment space in Fortnum’s is enough to induce a radiant glow if you ask me. Yes, the Bamford Bespoke Facial is the most pricey at £85 for 60 minutes, but then really that’s not obscene for a fancy central London treatment experience – experience being the key word in this case. The treatment begins as your therapist burns a stick of aromatic Palo Santo holy wood (posh incense) to welcome you into the space. The next hour is spent being gently pummelled with hold and cold jade stones – to boost lymphatic drainage – and receiving a deft dose of facial reflexology mixed with dynamic lifting movements, not to mention the side order of yogic breathing. As you might expect, the Bamford skincare line is heavenly and actually, exceptionally effective, which should silent all the natural sceptics among you…

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, Hacks June 20, 2016
Emma Scott-Child

Sometimes you just really need a glass of cold white wine. Fast. Instead of adding ice cubes, add frozen grapes to avoid diluting the wine. You’ll need to have these on standby in your freezer for times like this.

An experienced sommelier would say something like: “That is totes ridic! You will ruin the bouquet of your wine fo sho bro!” But if you can’t wait half an hour for a glass of chilled wine, you’re probably not the kind of person who would be that bothered.

Wine please!

Life hacks every Monday on Ladyland. Have you got a good one?

Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child

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Style June 17, 2016
Guest post
This week’s Ladylove comes from the fabulous Diana from The Mamahood. Her events provide mothers with the chance to get creative, collaborative and inspired. Today she’s sharing her love of all things pompommed with us with her Ladylove top 5.
I’m a sucker for a pom pom. I defy anyone to disagree –  a pom pom can significantly improve your day. Even saying the words make me feel happy! Here is a round up of some my favourite pom pom products…
My favourite Mamahood workshop was a neon Pom Pom workshop with Hollie from @florafairweather. She is a mega talented mama and her bright beautiful rainbow blanket is the perfect gift for a new baby!
Another amazing mum-run business is the wonderful @Edit58 – run by creative mama Lisa, she sources a beautiful curated collection of bits for your home. I love her pom pom baskets – I use them to hide the sprawling toys that are basically taking over my house!
And if you are looking for pom poms for the kids you can do no better than check out @lalaandpom. Run by a lovely mama Lucy (ex Mini Boden) her shop is filled with handmade colourful hats and accessories all with… you guessed it…poms. I love her pom hairbands and key rings and these wooden pom necklaces are a perfect gift for a little girl.
And when it comes to decorations, parties and wrapping – who doesn’t need a pom, right?! Lovely Sarah the mama behind party shop @thejellyrabbit stocks this cheap gorgeous garland. I have it and have used it to top birthday cakes, hung it to brighten my daughters bedroom and attached it to brown paper presents.
And finally if all that isn’t pomtastic enough for you, you can get your pom craft on! There are some amazing tutorials online – everything from from paper poms to shaped poms (I love @MrPrintables, @SewYeah and @OhHappyDay for the best tutorials). But if you only do one thing, check out this tutorial for a pom pom wall hanging from @sugarandcloth. WOW!
Diana founded The Mamahood a year ago with the aim of bringing mamas together in their local neighbourhoods. Her craft workshops started in South East London where where they have been a sell-out and Mamahoods are now setting up in more locations across the UK. Whether you want to meet other local like minded mothers, or just have some time for yourself and learn a new skill, you can find out whats going on in your local area by signing up via the site. To stay on top of workshop news and exclusive offers to shop mama-run businesses follow us over at @the_mamahood. 


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Ladyloop June 16, 2016
All the ladies

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’ve put our usual Ladyloop on the back burner and instead, we’re bringing you our nominations for totally Rad Dads – men who’ve rocked our world, and their own kids’ cribs, in a totally impressive display of paternal multitasking…

Emma has a crush on arty rad dad Oliver Jeffers. You might know him from some of his children’s books, The Way Back Home, Stuck and Catch a Star, but he also paints amazing artworks then dips them in paint like some sort of badass. He has a new print for sale too, only released this morning. Check it out.

Oliver jeffers
Emma also wants to send a little shoutout to the original moustacheod Aussie rad dad, Ken Done. The godfather of colour in Australia. Every Aussie 80s kid owned a bedspread, mug, pencil-case, swimsuit, towel, hat, with his signature vibrant style. Check out his latest work, still bright, still fun…


Bella’s got a lotta love for perfumer slash muso slash snapper slash creative director slash all-round family man Rami Mekdachi whose new lifestyle brand, Lola James Harper, is a homage to his wife and kids. Cute, right? Buy the scents and candles at Selfridges now.


Celia has been convinced of Ryan Reynolds‘ rad dad status after she read his hilarious tweets about becoming a new dad to his baby daughter.
Selina salutes Singaporean rad dad Pann Lim, creative director of advertising and design agency Kinetic, and one quarter of the family art collective Along with his wife Claire, son Renn and daughter, Aira, they produce cult publication Rubbish Famzine, and he and Claire are obviously doing a pretty rad job of raising their kids: Renn and Aira are already exhibiting their own works!
All hail Mark Eley! Says Margherita. Seasoned rad dad, faceted thinker and one half of creative super-duo Eley Kishimoto – finally a real couple to be inspired by.

Mark ELEY and Wakako KISHIMOTO

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