I recently had an idea to tie dye some wrapping paper, which was obviously going to go awry as soon as the paper got wet with ink. But after trying a few things (and ending up with a kitchen that looked like Jackson Pollock had just popped over for a cuppa), I figured out a way to dye the paper using folds which spread the ink in different directions.

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered with the bleached oak floors in our flat, as wherever possible I can’t deny the urge to cover it in beautiful rugs!

Not only does a rug give a soft finish underfoot, but they really can set the tone of a space, determine a style for your furniture and influence the colour palette for the rest of your room.


I consider myself a seasoned crafter but today was the first time I have ever dyed eggs. We’re not religious people – Easter basically means ‘The Chocolate Festivus’ in our household – so I’ve never given much thought to non-chocolate eggs.