With a book recommendation, a craft tip or a kid wrangling trick. So I thought it would be a great to share the love, and I got these guys on board to share their great ideas too.

Bella Binns

is a freelance beauty editor. In 13 years writing for magazines and brands, she’s sampled more massages (and worn more paper knickers) than you can imagine. It’s a tough gig… ‘Clean’ beauty, eastern wellness rituals and cropped coifs make her tick, she’s also a qualified yoga instructor.


Celia Richardson

is an interior designer with 15 years’ experience in retail, restaurants and residential projects. Making spaces look and feel beautiful is what drives her. Her own design venture, Richardson Studio, is what she focuses on when she’s not wrestling her two young children into stylish Scandi wear (that includes H&M right?).


Clementine Larvor

is an interior designer and mum of three. She loves making stuff and suffer from craft schizophrenia: from baking to knitting, sewing to weaving she can’t help herself, she just has to try them all!



Margherita Poggiali

is a creative thinker, mum and an experience designer. Her work focuses on what’s defined in the industry as ‘urban play’ and on people’s emotional responses to space. Recently, she’s worked with the likes of the National Trust, ARUP and the Southbank Centre. She’s happiest when brainstorming a project or when dancing naked in her room.


Selina Altomonte

is an editor and word nerd. A Sydneysider who fell in love with London, she currently lives in Singapore where she’s the editor of A mum of two, she spends far too much time thinking about what to cook, and eat, next.  She’s been known to hoard vintage kitchenalia and shoes, but still can’t walk in heels: but she’s barely 5”, so isn’t fooling anyone.