If you’ve worn your classic denim dungarees to death and are looking for a change (but not too much of a change) then you’re in the right place. Actually, even if you’ve never done the dunga thing, then you’re still in the right place. As easy to throw on as any dress, with the practicality of trousers (ie. no risk of knicker flashing) plus enough of a fashion statement to look like you’ve made an effort (without actually having made an effort), these buys are your new best friends.

See, looks like fun, right?


 I have been lusting after these for weeks/months while I try to decide between the more practical navy pair (link) or this amazing paisley printed version.  The flattering wide leg, luxe linen-mix fabric and perfect paisley print make these look alot more expensive than they are. Yes, I’m definitely aware they are not exactly cheap, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they are a good investment. If you usually stick to a fairly neutral coloured wardrobe, choosing piece that have a great print on a black base are a great way to mix things up a bit without feeling out of your comfort zone. My name is Kelly, and I am allergic to wearing bright clothes…. Mind made up. Click! Add to basket.



So here’s a funny story. I accidentally bought this dungaree jumpsuit the other week after a) having slightly too much to drink at lunch with a friend and b) being pooed all over by my 6 month old. It was almost school pick-up time, I had baby poo all over me, wine running through my veins, and a credit card burning a hole in my pocket. Whistles was the closest shop. The rest is history.  Perfect worn alone when it’s sunny, but I’ve also styled them with a stripy breton underneath, and am planning to wear them layered over a knit come winter. Cost per wear perfection.



It’s a fine line between a pinafore-jumpsuit and dungarees? Is it the buckles? The pocket detail? The denim? I’m not sure if I’m honest, and I’ve worked in fashion for over 10 years… But I am sure that this super-relaxey fit concoction is about the comfiest thing you will leave the house in. Flattering? Not exactly. But if you don’t particularly care about things like that, then give this one a go. Perfect for those days where you just can’t be doing with anything fitted around your waist/restricting your tum. And relax….

ZARA, £39.99

Something about the frayed edges on this little number just makes me want to say yee-ha and do a little (line) dance.The high waist/cropped wide leg combination gives this a new-season edge and the dark wash makes them just the right amount of seventies. Add a grey tee and your favourite kicks for a more sporty vibe, or try with an embroidered blouse and sandals. Versatile, right?

OASIS, £33.60

If you fancy getting your legs out, make like all-around dungaree aficionado Zoe from Dress Like a Mum (in the pic at the top) and give a dungaree dress a go. This one is perfect for taking advantage of this fleeting sunshine we have, or wearing on holiday somewhere where summer is *actually* hot. Oh, and it’s ON SALE!
Kelly Moseley is a freelance Fashion and Content Director living in South West London. Her former life as a magazine fashion editor means she’s pretty much a professional shopaholic with a knack for justifying almost any style related purchase,whatever the cost (otherwise known by her partner as ‘kelly-no mics’). Mum to George (6) and Charlie (3 months),Step-mum to Darcey (4) you’ll most likely find Kelly drinking triple-shot flat whites or large glasses of Sauv Blanc while juggling 5,000 different tasks. You’ll find her on Instagram @kellysmoseley