What is it about the first sunbeams of Spring and the dawns of a new season, that has us ransacking our wardrobes and throwing out non Pinterest worthy pieces in bid to create that instaglam wardrobe that makes you standout in a crowd. 

Three shopping baskets full later, wardrobe replenished and you head out taking your seat at the brunch table. You look around to discover you look exactly like every other gal there.  Identical, walking talking, slightly prosecco sozzled Zara-bots. Where did it all go wrong? 

Every true style maven knows, in order to set yourself apart from the rest, “the devil is in the detail “ – and jewellery is a great place to start. Not the kind you can find in your high street store that everyone has. The exclusive kind that are being handmade in the studios and bedrooms of the most up and coming emerging jewellery designers. 

Let me take you on a quick spin of 5 of the best designers you should be adorned by this spring.



First up is Israeli label Knobbly Studio.  A former Capoeira teacher designer Gittit Szwarco evokes a sense of movement in each of her minimalistic pieces.  Sculpting to your form and becoming a beautiful metallic glinting extension of you.  Perfect for the ladies who like a subtle effortless touch. 



Another international label creating a statement is Pichulik.   Handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured ropes, bold and courageous statement pieces make up the brands signature aesthetic.



We love to layer together several necklaces, more is more right?  So why not add a personal touch to your layers with an initial pendant from British designer Katie Woodward of Crux London.  Woodward has created a cool and contemporary typeface inspired by the night sky’s constellations. 

Carry on your layered jewellery look right down to the tips of your fingers and embrace the midi rings.  When it comes to sizing your midi ring shouldn’t be so tight that you can  feel the circulation to your finger cutting off but, if you feel scared the ring is gonna fly off with a hand flick then its not tight enough. Ideally a midi ring for your middle finger should also be able to double up as pinky ring. 



Textured but refined Matthew Calvin’s Meteorite midi rings add a dynamic gothic –chic touch to any finger party. For an unexpected twist, marry them with their matching base ring layered up with the contrasting sleek dot ring. 

Calvin’s dot rings are perfect building blocks for one to stack together, to create a full-fingered ring look but with added comfort as the layered tiers give you more flexibility than cage like counterparts. Create a rainbow hue by mixing the metals and stacking up silver gold and rose gold together



A few years ago rose gold was our summer crush, it looked gorge offset with our summer whites. Well the crush has developed into a full blown love affair and when one of our favourite luxury but affordable jewellers Ros Millar launched her Satellite collections which unites rose and yellow gold in a perfect harmony we were first in the queue. 

Modern heirloom pieces which span from the minuscule Sunrise Sun Gun stud earrings, yellow gold cut studs with rose gold linear sunbeams to the  show stopping navigator ring a contemporary gobstopper sized signet ring with a gold eruption of Millars cosmic textured signature style at its centre, this collection is like no other you would have seen before, a real hidden gem.


Nina Elegba is the founder of Magpie on the Run the e-boutique for UK and international emerging jewellery designers. Fuelled by her passion for handmade jewellery Nina travels the globe uncovering some of the most inspiring and diverse independent jewellery designers to bring back to the ‘nest’.