glitter bunting


I made this glitter bunting with my kids the other day for a special tiny little lady and I thought I’d share it because it’s so easy and it would also make a great, cheap christmas decoration. You just need; cardboard, glitter, string, a glue stick, a bamboo skewer and scissors.

It doesn’t need much explaining, but this is how I did it.

I drew the letters free-hand, but you could always print them out the size you need and trace them onto the card.

Cut out your letters, then apply glue to the bottom half of the letter and sprinkle on the glitter. I did one letter at a time so I could scoop up the glitter and use it again for the next letter. If you’re squeamish about mess, you could always do the glitter in the kitchen sink.

Poke holes in top of the letters and thread through the string, I used a bamboo skewer to make the hole and to poke it through.

Hang it up and watch it sparkle!

Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child