Confession: this isn’t the post it was meant to be. Today I was supposed to be bringing you ‘THE BEST BEAUTY IMPORTS YOU CAN PICK UP ON YOUR HOLIDAYS’ (don’t worry, it’s in the works), but instead, you’re getting my ridiculously easy DIY bath salts instead. You see, when I was writing my last post on the art of the onsen during our recent Japanese week, I got thinking about how spending £37 on a bag of (admittedly other-worldy) bath salts might just be a teeny tiny bit obscene, even if they do contain powdered amethyst. After all, the basic bath salts ingredients can be purchased pretty inexpensively, as you’ll see below. What’s even better, is that these ones take literally five minutes to assemble and just a few hours for the scented oils to infuse before you can use them. Even better still, I used some leftover face oil from my stash to add the aromatherapy element, but of course you can also use essential oils of your own choosing, depending on the effect you want your salts to have. If you’re stuck for inspiration, lavender or rose-scented geranium make for a relaxing, balancing blend, while citrus or slightly astringent oils – think rosemary or eucalyptus – have an invigorating ‘wake-up’ effect.

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  • 1 x 500g bag of rose pink himalayan coarse salt crystals (start with half a bag and save half for refills)
  • 1 x generous handful of dried rose petals (unsprayed), available from good health food shops (I paid 87p for a small bag in Brixton Whole Foods)
  • Approximately 10 drops of scented oil / essential oils of your choice
  • Pestle and mortar
  • A large clean, preferably sterilised jar


1. First up, give your salt crystals a good bashing in the pestle and mortar. This helps to break them down a bit so they’ll dissolve more quickly in the bath. NB. You might need to do this in batches if you only have a small P&M like me.



2. When you’ve smashed up your salts a bit, pop them into the jar and add the dried rose petals on top. Next, decant around 10 drops of essential oil into the jar – use one oil or try a blend, or like me, use a few drops of scented face or body oil (just make sure it’s a decent quality all-natural one, I used Rodin Olio Lusso which smells DIVINE).


3. Screw on the lid and shake the salts vigorously like a maraca!


4. Once the salts are thoroughly mixed, leave in a cool dark place to infuse for a few hours.


5. To use, pour 2-3 tbsp into the bath under hot running water, mix to dissolve and then plunge in and allow the beneficial minerals of the salt to absorb for at least 20 minutes. You’ll sleep like a log!


 Photography and styling: Bella Binns