Shopping for little girls clothes can take you from “Squee!” to despair in a few swift moments. Just when you think you’ve found a pair of plain jeans, you pick them up, turn them over and, bam! You find a heart, a butterfly or a bloody embroidered flower on there for no reason other than being an unneccesary reminder that “These are girls’ jeans!’. If you ever find yourself in this situation, I urge you to take a stroll over to the boys section, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Boyfriend denim has graced us for so many seasons now, it’s kind of just the way we dress, so how about boyfriend denim for little girls? Or Big brother denim for girls wearing their big brother’s old jeans? Hand-me downs have never looked so cool… plus there are few things cuter than a cross-dressing toddler. So we’ve pulled together some outfits with items from the boys section for these little girlfriends.


Flo wears: Mini Rodini blouse, vintage Osh Kosh jeans from Ebay, Zara sandals, Batman cape and her own skateboard. Erin wears: Mini Rodini beanie, H&M (boys) t-shirt as a dress, H&M (boys) denim shirtConverse trainers.


Claudia wears: Topshop flower crownKenzo cossie, vintage Osh Kosh jeans, her own Converse trainers. Maiwenn wears: Her brother’s old denim jacket (Mini Magpie will customise yours for you) and H&M top.


 Macy wears: Topshop head scarf, Zara dungerees, H&M vest, Converse trainers, H&M boys shirt around her waist. Florence wears: Gap quilted jacket, Zara boys linen shirt, her own denim bloomers, Zara clogs


Maiwenn wears: Mini Magpie headband, her brother’s denim jacket (Mini Magpie will customise yours for you), H&M top, H&M boys jeans, Zara plimsoles.  Flo wears: Next (boys) t-shirt, vintage Osh Kosh jeans, her own shoes and skateboard.


Giulia wears: Zara (boys) dungerees with customised polka dots, Zara sandals and a hand-made head -piece.  A tutorial to make this outfit is coming up this week.


Sofia wears: COS (boys) denim shirt, COS (girls) chambray trousers, hand-made jersey necklace. Frida wears: Her brother, Elliot’s old H&M boiler suit, vintage red bandana and Converse trainers


Top image: Frida wears: Her brother, Elliot’s old H&M jeans, Mothercare body suit and Batman cape.

Photography: Dee Ramadan
Styling: Lotte Goodwin
Art direction: Emma Scott-Child
Models: Frida, Claudia, Macy, Maiwenn, Florence, Flo, Giulia, Sofia and Erin.
Original concept: Libby Galaun

Thanks to Clem, Libby, Michelle, Sarah and Sophie.