I was going to buy a wreath this year because, well, there’s just so much other shit to do, isn’t there? But then I stopped myself. I have a box full of ribbon. I have a ‘yarden’ with some evergreen foliage. I can probably fashion my own in the time it takes to tramp to the shops and buy one and save myself £25. So that’s what I did. Okay, so it’s not the Flora Starkey for House of Hackney one, but I’ve become fond of its spindly presence on my front door in the last few days.

As you might also notice, mine has a slightly camp luxury beauty theme because, basically, I’m a Womble – I never throw ANYTHING away, especially not luxey ribbons of the Chanel variety. But to keep it looking ironic and fresh and South East London appropriate, I’ve also added some ribbon I bought in India a few years ago, just to hammer home the cross cultural east meets west vibe, because what you hang on your front door says a lot about who you are, right? And God forbid my neighbours think we’re not at the very cutting edge of avant garde Christmas décor. Can you imagine the shame?

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  • Assorted evergreen foliage – I used Christmas tree off-cuts, shop bought rosemary and ivy wrenched off my garden wall
  • One circular craft hoop (mine is from Little Crafty Bugs via Amazon)
  • Craft or floristry wire (mine is from Cowling & Wilcox)
  • Coloured tape
  • An assortment of recycled ribbons, the more random, the better


1. Start by covering your hoop with coloured tape. Go classic green or change it up with a fluoro shade. Paper tape or washi tape works well and makes the hoop a bit easier to work with.


2.  Affix your foliage onto the hoop using small sections of craft wire. I worked in quarter sections affixing the pine off-cut sections first, then adding the slightly more delicate rosemary and finally, interweaving the ivy.




NB. You have to twist the craft wire quite tight to keep the foliage in place, I found a twisting technique worked best to stop the pine sections springing off at a tangent!

3. When you’ve added your foliage all the way around, check it looks vaguely symmetrical and tweak accordingly, adding more wire anywhere you need to refine the shape.


4. Now select a couple of your ‘sustainably sourced eclectic ribbons’ and tie them to create a tassel or bow at the bottom of the wreath.


5. Next, take your longer length of ribbon and loop it onto the top centre of your wreath to create a hanging section you can tie around your door knob or knocker.


6. Affix onto your front door and ready yourself to receive compliments from discerning friends and neighbours. Or law suits from Chanel…


Photography: Bella Binns and Andy Hill