Halloween is upon us! Well, more or less, so if you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a simple Day Of The Dead Halloween princess/bride costume DIY or dare I say, make-up tutorial. No need to invest in face paint either, though a tub of white face paint would come in handy. I’m assuming most of you own a (probably underused) smokey eye palette, a red or pink lipstick and a black eye pencil as standard. If you do, you’re pretty much in business! A fancy dress costume, a flower crown (check out our tutorial on how to make a flower crown, or get a cheapo one from H&M) and plastic costume jewellery will finish off the look nicely. It’s pretty simple really: start with a skull face paint then embellish the whole thing with flowers and glitter. Let your creative flair flow!

For this particular make-up look I used a little more than a black kohl and lipstick, but with even the simplest of tools you can get pretty good results.

day of the dead halloween costume diy

LL_miniheaders_YOU WILL NEED_620Make-up

  • White face paint and a make-up sponge
  • A smokey eye palette
  • A black eye pencil
  • Red or pink lipstick, if you don’t own one it’s time to invest in a red lipstick!
  • A red lip pencil, optional
  • Glitter eye liner, optional
  • A blue eye liner, optional
  • A lip brush
  • An eye shadow brush
  • A blusher brush


  • Flower crown or even better, you could make Margherita’s glitter crown!
  • Fancy dress costume, I used a wedding dress costume but I imagine an Elsa dress would be spectacular!
  • Lots of necklaces to layer
  • Dangly clip-on earings
  • Dead flower bouquet

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620

day of the dead halloween costume diy

1. Get your kid dressed up: you don’t want their face to smudge after all your hard work.

2. Wet the make-up sponge and apply white face paint to their face and neck.

3. Colour the eye socket with the darkest shade of your smokey eye palette. Use the same colour as a blusher around the cheekbones and the temples.

4. With your black pencil, trace around the dark eye socket and tidy up the area: if you wet your brush it will be easier to apply. Draw a little black heart on the tip of the nose.

5. Trace a line on both corners of the mouth with the lipliner (if using), and draw over it with your black pencil. Draw vertical lines across it to mimic stitches.

6. Now you need to start the embellishing: use the shape of your lipstick brush and stamp, as opposed to drawing, petals around the eye socket. Just a little pressure of the brush should leave a red oval shape: after years of stalking the professional face painter at the local fete, I have realised that this stamping method is the trick for a good flower!

If you have a glitter eye liner you could go over each petal and draw a little glitter line too. All kids love glitter right?

7. Using the same method draw flowers, butterfly wings or whatever takes your fancy on the chin area, and draw a big heart on the forehead.

8. Draw a spider web above the heart on the forehead.

9. Finally, I used a blue eyeliner to draw veins on the neck!

10. Accessorise to death.



Photography: Dee Ramadan
Styling: Margherita Poggiali and Clementine Larvor