If you liked our Horrors of 2016 Halloween post, read on to find out how to make them your own.






1. A suit and shirt –I got this one from Zara Kids
2. Some smart shoes – these are from M&S
3. An Eton tie – from John Lewis
4. A “VOTE LEAVE” placard – made from cardboard, tape and wood
5. A boris bike – just make a sign to stick on the front
6. An elite private education – costs may vary.

I made the sign and the placard out of coloured cardboard. Much less messy than paint. Here’s a close up.







  1. A breton top – this one if from Petit Bateau
  2. A captain’s hat
  3. A big cardboard boat costume with some fabric straps
  4. Gaffer tape

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620

  1. Cut out two identical boat shapes. Make the ends of the boat flat vertical sides so you can tape them together easily later
  2. Decorate them to look like dear old Boaty McBoatface (Real name RRS Sir David Attenborough)
  3. Tape them together at each end from the inside
  4. Add fabric strips, taped to the inside.
  5. Adjust the fabric straps to the right length to be worn.
  6. Sail to Antarctica.






  1. A suit, shirt and tie – these ones are from John Lewis
  2. Smart shoes – from M&S
  3. A star spangled banner
  4. Some bronzer
  5. A massive ego






  1. A pantsuit – I made this one our of a ladies’ dress from Next
  2. Smart shoes – from Zara Kids
  3. Red lippy – from Rimmel
  4. Pearl earrings and a necklace – from M&S
  5. A star spangled banner
  6. A robotic smile

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620I really wish I had proper instructions for how to make a tiny pantsuit, but the truth is, I just kind of made it up as I went along. I bought this (delightful) dress, then cut it up. First I cut the top half off and used the collar section as the blazer. I used the fabric from the bottom half of the dress to make the sleeves and the trousers. I find that the hardest part to make is the collar section, so if you already have this part, you can cut it out and build the rest around it.







  1. A purple blouse – I got this one from H&M
  2. Leather leggings – these are from Zara Kids
  3. Some platform shoes – these are from River Island
  4. A white scarf
  5. Some bling – I got some from Claire’s Accessories
  6. A massive fantastic guitar – Made from foam board and purple cardboard






  1. A rockstar wig
  2. A spangly blouse – I got this one from River Island
  3. Sparkly leggings – these are from River Island
  4. Fabulous boots – These are from Lelly Kelly at John Lewis
  5. Angel wings – from Claire’s Accessories
  6. Gold shoulder pads – I made these using gold lycra, felt and elastic
  7. Make up – I used white face paint, red lipstick and blue eyeliner.

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620


  1. Cut semi-circles of fabric to the size you want your shoulder pads.
  2. I used two pieces of gold lycra, with a piece of felt in the middle to stiffen it.
  3. Lay the two pieces of lycra on top of each other, gold sides facing onto each other then lay the felt on top.
  4. Sew around the curved edge, then turn it out leaving the felt on the inside. The sewn edge will now be inside and the gold on the outside, with a smooth curved edge, hiding the part you just sewed.
  5. Finish by folding the open end over on itself to seal the pocket.
  6. Cut slits at either end and feed some elastic through on the underside of the shoulder pad.
  7. Pin the elastic strips into the inside of the waistband on the leggings to form braces.






  1. Boxing gloves – these are from Argos
  2. Red football shorts –These are from Sports Direct
  3. Boots and socks
  4. Angel wings – from Claire’s Accessories
  5. A champion’s belt – made from black felt and gold lycra

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620


To make the champion’s belt, simply cut a piece of felt to the length you need. Felt is really great for fancy dress costumes because you don’t need to hem it and it holds its shape really well.

For the medal: Cut two circles, the same size, one made from felt, the other made from lycra. With the gold side inside facing the felt, sew around the edge of the circle, leave a small gap to turn it back on itself so it is no longer inside out.

Once it is turned back on itself, you will have a circle which is gold on one side and felt on the other. Sew it onto the belt all the way around like I have above with the red thread.






  1. A Pokemon ball suit – made from white, red and black felt. Approx half a meter of each.
  2. Some Pikachu ears – made from yellow and black felt
  3. A headband

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620

I’m not going to pretend this is an easy one to make. It’s quite fiddly, but it follows the basic pattern for making a fabric ball. So if you’ve done a bit of sewing, it shouldn’t be too hard. If you’ve never sewn before, make sure you’re up for a challenge.


  1. Figure out the size of your ball depending on the size of your Pikachu. I based it on a circular placemat that I had.
  2. You need to make the ball out of 6 segments, like the segments of an orange. Each piece is leaf shaped, you can figure out the size of each segment using maths that you thought you would never need to use back in year 8.
  3. The width of each leaf shaped segment if the circumference of the circle divided by 6 (because there are 6 pieces that make the full circle). The length of the segment is the circumference divided by 2. (That’s C=2πr… in case you haven’t had to figure that out since 1996).
  4. Each of the segments for the Pokemon ball is made up of half white and half red, so once you have your segment leaf shape, cut it in half and make 6 red  halves and 6 white halves.
  5. Sew them together to create whole leaf-shaped segments.


  1. Sew the curved edges to each other, one by one to make the ball shape. If they don’t completely match at the top and bottom, it doesn’t really matter. It’s fancy dress! Not Saville Row.
  2. When you get to the final segment, sew half way along the curved edge, then leave the rest so you can turn it the right way around and you have your ball shape!
  3. Cut a hole in the top of the ball for Pikcahu’s head to pop out.
  4. Fold the edge of the fabric over and sew around the neck hole, and down the edge of the open segment half.


  1. Now it’s time to cut the arm and leg holes. This seems scary now that you’ve made your lovely ball, but muster up some guts and cut the slits. Make sure they are the right size for your Pikachu’s arms and legs and evenly placed on either side.
  2. Sew on the black belt, this willhide any didgy sewing on the middle seams of the ball.
  3. Sew on the black and white circles for the eyeball thingy in the middle.
  4. Put a button hole at the back of the neck hole if you’re feeling fancy – I just used a cloth nappy safety pin.


To make Pikachu’s ears…

  1. Cut some long yellow strips of felt and some smaller black strips – cut the bottom edge of the black piece on  a diagonal, like Pikachu’s ears.
  2. Cut points at one end to create the ear shapes, but leave the other end square.
  3. Lay the black felt between the two yellow pieces, then sew around the edge – leaving the straight edge at the bottom open
  4. Fold it the right way around to hide the sewing and you should have the black felt on the outside again.
  5. cut a couple of slits in the bottom (parallel to the sewn edges) and thread the headband through.
  6. You’re done!