In the last few years I’ve been trying to recycle as much gift wrap as I can. It always is such a waste of paper and materials, and in fact, such a waste of beauty too! Have you seen what Ladyland Emma can do? If I receive a present wrapped up in anything as remotely amazing as her Celine inspired wrapping, I just can’t bring myself to throw it away after it’s been used. So I try to store whatever I get and, at least, re-use it as best as I can. But sometimes you end up with a lot of creased paper and some of it just looks plain battered. So what do you do with crackled black tissue paper for example? You try to turn it to your advantage and… pretend it’s tarmac!

This is a gift wrapping idea great for boys’ presents (they get the added bonus toy) and for square boxes. Don’t try to use it on a weirdly shaped item – Gran Turismo is much better when it’s real.



  • scissors
  • ruler
  • glue (or double-sided tape)
  • tape
  • blue or white tack
  • creased (or not) black tissue paper
  • dark and bright green tissue paper (this can be a bit creased too)
  • white and yellow china graphs or crayons
  • a colourful toy race car (not green)
  • toy road signs (optional)


  1. Iron the creased tissue paper on a low temperature – this will smooth the surface but still keep the crackled ‘tarmac’ look. If you are using new black tissue, crumple it into a ball first and then iron it.
  2. Put one layer of bright green tissue paper inside a layer of dark green one to add shades to your ‘grass’.
  3. Wrap your box with the green paper and close it with some tape, leaving the ends open.
  4. Make a fold on the black tissue paper on its long side.
  5. Use a ruler to draw the ‘double yellow lines’ and the ‘overtaking white line’ with china graphs or crayons (but make sure to fit the lines against the width of the toy car).
  6. Fold the black tissue paper along the second set of ‘double yellows’.
  7. Glue the ‘road’ onto the ‘grass’, covering the fold of the green tissue paper, and close the ends of the wrapping folding both green and black wrapping and sticking it with some glue.
  8. Use a bit of Blu-tack to secure the race car and the road signs on the road.

Photography: Dee Ramadan
Styling: Margherita Poggiali