The nights are now officially drawing in and as darkness descends on our house in the evening it’s time to light candles. Now I would love to back this up with scientific fact, but I do believe that the light of a candle or an open fire helps bring a little of what the lack of sun takes away at this time of year – so I’m going to use the excuse that to combat SAD I need new candles and holders. Here I’m sharing with you the ones I’m currently coveting.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”
– Saint Francis of Assisi

This first set is a combination of nightlight and pillar candle holders. I love that they give maximum flexibility, but are also beautiful objects in their own right when not being used.


1. DIYA stackable candle holders by Tiipoi available in brass, copper, or nickel finish. These are made in India and available at Tiipoi and in-store Harrods Cookshop, £45.


2. Concrete tea light holders by Room 9 – the shapes are handmade on a potter’s wheel, then cast in concrete, £16 (set of three).


3. Duo candle holder by Teo, available in six different colour ways, £28.

The votive: these are lovely little vessels that shield the flame from a tea light candle, so no burnt arms across the dinner table with these, but less light is emitted.


4. Porcelain tea light holder from Future & Found. Available in various gradients inside or outside, £8.


5. &K tealight holder in white and gold. I got mine at the Tate Modern Shop – these are sold as Christmas candle holders, however the reflective surface intensifies the candlelight, in my opinion lending itself to use throughout winter, £8.50.

A taller candle holder offers a little more drama at the dining table, and they can be combined with shorter holders to create a bit of variety and interest.


6. Lilly, Rose and Tulip Applicata Tulip Dinner Candle Holder by Anders Norgaard. Partly inspired by candlesticks from the 1950s and 60s, the Tulip evokes an era when many wood turners made leftover pieces of wood into candlesticks. Available at Heals, from £34.


7. Clip candle holder by Nendo. This holds the candlestick so delicately it almost looks as if it’s suspended in mid-air. Makers and Brothers, £28.

So lastly I need the perfect candles to burn in these holders…


8. I imagine myself in Jane Austin-style nightdress carrying one of these through the house at night! These Dutch creations are produced by hand in Eindhoven to a traditional tallow candle recipe. Future and Found has its own bespoke colours and others are available here, £16.


9. My online search for a dip-dyed/ gradient candle has led me here, and of course it had to be pink! £15.50 (set of six).


10. I have it on good authority that these True Grace candles are the best pillar candles for your dining table. They’re available in a wide variety of colours to match every scheme, £32.40 (set of 12).

Teo_Duo_Candle_Tealight_Holder_Copper_Grey11. This is a brilliant product to get your candles to fit any size holder and keep them burning straight, £3.

Bring on 4pm evenings, that’s what I say – just need to check our fire alarms are all working…

Teo_Duo_Candle_Tealight_Holder_Copper_GreyTop image: Applicata