I am a magpie when it comes to the beach – I’ll pick up any old thing and my kids now do the same. We come home with pockets full of pebbles, shells and pretty looking garbage.

In an effort to organise the ‘treasure’ before it takes over our flat, I have started curating our little collections into memory jars. This is a great way to finish off a seaside trip with kids and help them edit down their collections into a ‘best-of’.

I printed out an image from my phone and placed it at the back of the jar. It helps if the picture is a landscape and shows the sand at the bottom of the shot. This adds to the illusion of a ‘beach in a jar’. Instagram shots work a treat.

I made a little sign for each one and stuck it to a toothpick. Make sure all your bits and pieces are completely dry before you put them in. Kids will probably shake the jars at some point so if you’re attached to the arrangement put it on a high shelf, and whatever you do, don’t re-open the jars! You’ll let the stink out.




I went down to the seaside, 
The lonely sea in the sky, 
I left my shoes and socks there, 
I wonder if they’re dry.
– Spike Milligan

Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child