We’ve got an easy nail art tutorial here from nail artist and hip mama, Metta Francis from Nails By Mets. When she turned up at our studio with palm trees painted on her nails, I knew we were in for a treat but not all of us are pro enough to paint nautical landscapes (yet, we’re working on it!), so we asked her for a simple look that anyone could do.

I love crazy nail art, but I worry that sometimes I can’t carry it off day to day but Mets has come up with a look that’s simple enough to suit a grown up, but more interesting that your regular plain polish… and with her technique, it’s easier than it looks.  

LL_miniheaders_YOU WILL NEED_620

Two different nail polish colours – we used orange and gold

A clear topcoat

A nail file and nail polish remover

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620

Step 1: File nails to shape and wipe with nail polish remover to remove any oils.

Step 2:
Paint two thin coats of your nail colour of choice. It’s better to paint a few thin coats than one thick one, it will end up being smoother and you’ll end up with a neater result.

Step 3: For the triangle tips, take your second colour for the tips, then remove excess nail polish from the brush with a tissue so the brush is flat.

Starting from the deepest part of the triangle (side of the nail), gently lay the brush on the nail diagonally (to create the slanted line) and paint towards the free edge/top of your nail. Repeat in the middle and other side, using the edge of your brush as a guide – it will create the straight line for you!  Using a highly pigmented nail polish with a flat, square brush works best as you can paint the triangle tips in 3 strokes.


Step 4:
Apply a fast drying top coat to give a smooth, glossy finish to your manicure!

Special thanks goes to out delightful hand model Mel!

See more of Mets’ designs on her instagram feed. @nailsbymets
Photography: Emma Scott-Child
Beauty: Metta Francis
Hand model: Mel Yee