I have teamed up with HP Printers to create some free halloween printables. I’m a strong believer that halloween isn’t just for kids, so naturally, my mind went to booze. I designed some wine labels that you can print out and stick on regular red wine bottles to make a great present, or to add to a table display. They’re subtle enough that it might take people a moment to realise they’re drinking blood from Dracula’s Reserve.

I have done two versions; Toil & Trouble Estate, contains words from Shakespeare’s famous witch scene in MacBeth; and Dracula’s Reserve samples blood from the exotic maidens of Argentina, Australia and Spain.

Enjoy with a maniacal laugh. Mwa ha ha ha haaaar…..

You can download the halloween printables here. They can be printed on a regular A4 printer in colour. Cut them out and stick them on. I used a glue stick, but spray adhesive would really stick them down. They are large in size, so they should cover any existing wine label.

You can see the halloween printables here on tumblr with HP: Witch’s Brew, Dracula’s Reserve

Designs and photography: Emma Scott-Child