Ok then, this week I’ve eaten four mince pies and it’s only a week until the advent calendar comes out. I am willing to admit that Christmas is almost here.

Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages is clear out some of the kids’ toys before a fresh batch of clutter arrives but this Christmas hack is a way of sorting that our without lifting a finger.

Get your kids to choose one thing each day that they don’t need anymore and add it to the back-to-front advent calendar. It can be something small, or something they’ve grown out of… (we have about 60 Happy Meal toys that could move on!). On Christmas Eve Santa will come and take the toys away to give to some other children who aren’t fortunate enough to have so many nice things.*

Hulk doesn’t look impressed with the situation, but we’ve all seen Toy Story 3, he’ll have some new mates in no time.

We do life hacks every Monday, have you got a good one?
Photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child

*Santa will most likely be too pissed to actually take them away on Christmas Eve, so these things might stay in the shed until Jan 2nd.