As a girl with flat, lanky hair, I rejoiced when dry shampoo came onto the market. It meant I no longer had to wash my hair every second day. Which, when measured in units of morning sleep, gave me a total of 45 minutes of extra sleep before work each week. Which is 39 hours each year. So since 2007 I have had nearly 12 days of extra sleep thanks to Babyliss. Brilliant.

Turns out I could have just sprinkled a little cornflour in my hair all along! Sprinkle it onto your greasy areas, leave for a minute, then brush it out as you would dry shampoo and your hair will be good as new(ish).  Apparently for darker hair you can add some cocoa to the mix  – anyone dare to try it out? Perhaps I should add some strawberry Nesquik!

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Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child