HACKY MONDAYS – Find hair elastics

Every morning, literally every morning, I flap about the house trying to locate a hair elastic, a hair brush, and a three year old. It’s a daily struggle to locate these three exact items, then use the brush to attach the hair elastic to the child. It’s even harder to do it in a manner that the child is happy with.

Most days I don’t achieve this and we go with a slightly feral look. In fact she spent this whole last weekend dressed only in a pair of red pants demanding to be called Mowgli which worked a treat, but this morning we had to locate the Tangle Teaser and address the dreadlock situation. There were tears.

Hopefully this hack is going to help with locating at least one of the items needed to domesticate my child each morning. I could attach it to myself on a Steve Irwin style utility belt along with a packet of baby wipes and a hipflask of gin.

Life hacks every Monday on Ladyland, have you got a good one?