At the foot of every baby’s bed there is a little huddle of plush animals waiting in line like a bunch of X Factor hopefuls. Looking on, a bunch of aunties and nanas wait in anticipation hoping that theirs will be picked to be The Favourite.

The kid leads them on, one week it’s the mouse, the next week the multi-coloured octopus, then it’s mum’s phone. Then one day you’ll know because the kid will cry like it’s the end of the world until the unsuspecting donkey is found. And from that moment on, the donkey is imperative to the happiness of that family for the next 5 years. (In this case congrats to Clem for buying winning donkey).

So what do you do? Buy another one, just in case. Better yet, rotate them so they both look equally worn.

I have only had to use Other Donkey once or twice until the original could be found and the old “he’s had a bath” routine seemed to work. But now that we’re out of the woods, Other Donkey is going to be put away for 20 odd years until one day he can join a similar line-up at the bottom of another baby’s bed. And I will look on in anticipation.

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Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child