We have a new Friday feature, Happy Hour. Every Friday we’ll post one of our favourite drinks. It might be fancy, it might be simple, it will definitely be delicious and hopefully it will signal the start of a rocking weekend.

It’s simple but it is my MOST favourite drink. I can get through it like water. And it makes me overflow with nostalgia for summers in the south of France: me, (in my teenage mind) rocking bronzed skin; bi-lingual; effortlessly dressed in white; hair in tendrils; casually picking white-fleshed peaches from the fruit trees and falling asleep reading Colette in a hammock. BUT, in reality, turning patchwork tanning into a fine art; fearing the bikini reveal and getting all my genders and verb tenses wrong like a fool. But the Campari always took the edge off, so it’s a fond memory.


Slosh of Campari. Add ice. Top up with soda. Add a wedge of orange. Mmmmmm. Stunning pink-to-red. Slightly bitter. Totally refreshing. Perfect pre-wine. Perfect post-wine. Winner.

Photography & styling: Ruth Howes