It’s that time of the year – camping season.

But even if you are not into the whole new ‘glamping’ concept and you prefer sleeping al fresco old-style instead, you should still be able to enjoy the little pleasures in life – like cocktails – even if you are doing it rough (unless, obviously, you are Bear Grylls).

A Whiskey Smash is a very old cocktail – quite similar to the Cobbler, in fact. The point of this cocktail is that you, erm, smash everything together. So, as it’s so easy to make and it requires only simple ingredients, we think this is the best cocktail to fashion under the stars, with very little equipment and maybe with some fresh berries foraged during the day.


4 large blackberries
8 mint leaves
Juice of half a small lemon (if you are at home and doing it scientifically, this is more or less equivalent to 30ml)
1 tbsp honey (ditto to 15ml)
An espresso cup of whiskey (ditto to 60ml)


Squish the blackberries with a fork, then add the mint and the honey and mush them together. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Cover with some crushed ice and serve garnished with a mint stem and a skewered blackberry.

A couple of camping tips:

Home made crushed ice is easy. Wrap some ice cubes in an old (clean) tea towel, like a giant candy with one bow at top. Hold the bow end with one hand against a hard surface and bash the ‘candy’ with a piece of wood or a stone. Then unwrap the tea towel to find crushed ice.

If you can’t get ice anywhere, keep all your ingredients, bar the honey, in your cool box.

And, by the way, the mix without the berries makes a really nice Hot Toddy – just swap ice for hot water.

Photography: Dee Ramadan
Styling: Margherita Poggiali