A classic rum Daiquiri is really a simple drink, so simple if fact that (as with the Martini), many variations exist and we all feel allowed (nay compelled), to add a little something extra.

Ernest Hemingway, for example, was so in love with this cocktail that he used to order a different combination each time, suggesting new ingredients to the staff of El Floridita himself – it’s no surprise he earned an official Daiquiri mix named after himself.

So, for everyone out there who still feels the need to celebrate the early days of 2015, here’s how us Ladylanders welcomed it on New Year’s Eve, with a splendid Daiquiri created by Ladyland’s own Clementine:


  • 50 ml of gold or amber rum (you can actually use any rum, but the taste of your Daiquiri will vary accordingly – the darker the rum the more intense and more aromatic the taste of your cocktail)
  • 25 ml of sugar syrup
  • 25 ml fresh lime juice (more or less the juice of a whole lime)
  • ice
  • lime wedge to garnish


Squeeze a lime and mix it with the sugar syrup and the rum. Shake everything together with ice-cubes using a cocktail shaker and serve. Delicious.

Hemingway in El Floridita
Ernest and Mary Hemingway with Spencer Tracy at the bar in El Floridita, Havana, Cuba, ca. 1955

Photography & styling: Clementine Larvor & Margherita Poggiali

Photography of Ernest Hemingway via: wikipedia.org