If you’ve been anywhere near public transport or a school gate in the last 48 hours, you’ll know that our capital, nay Britain, is in the grip of its first seasonal flu. We all got caught out by the Indian summer (turned monsoon) and now you can’t go more than 10 metres without somebody projectile sneezing onto your cheek. It’s pretty gross. So this week’s Happy Hour is all set to boost your immune system and warm your cockles.

The recipe is borrowed from the wonderful Hemsley sisters who are, incidentally, pretty much revolutionising our kitchen right now. It’s become known simply as ‘health tea’ in our house. The main ingredient is current buzz spice, turmeric. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory used for centuries in Asia to blitz colds and bugs. Add in alkalising lemon, warming ginger and a pinch of fiery cayenne and the warm orange glow from a mug of this will bring you back from the brink of zombiedom quicker than you can say Lemsip. Promise.


Juice of half a lemon
Freshly grated ginger
A teaspoon of turmeric
A pinch of cayenne pepper
Honey to taste


Squeeze half a lemon and pour the juice into a *mug (that you’re not too precious about because it does stain china a bit) and add grated ginger, turmeric and cayenne. Top up with boiling water that’s been allowed to cool slightly. Stir thoroughly and add honey to taste. Feel better.

*If you’re making a big batch, it makes sense to use a teapot and triple your ingredients.

Photography & styling: Bella Binns