That’s right: nada, zilch, zero pennies. I know, right?  It’s all in the styling – oh, and a pretty large pair of scissors.

In terms of jeans, last year was all about the ‘roll up’ – whether boyfriend, skinny or straight leg, the easiest way to breathe a bit of ‘now’ into your trusty staples was to roll up the hems. Simple yet effective.

But to be honest, that’s what styling (when you get right down to the nitty gritty) is all about: tiny tweaks that instantly make something go from feeling old and boring to new and exciting. A shirt collar poking out from a sweatshirt, a rolled cuff, a carefully chosen sock. You get the picture. The point is that there are tons of free (FREE!!!) ways to breathe life into your existing wardrobe, so where better to start than with the piece you probably (if you’re anything like me) spend most your life in: your trusty jeans.

The spring/summer catwalks were awash with distressed and DIY denim in all its guises – whether covered in holes and shredded to within an inch of its life or simply sporting a subtle raw edge, the mood was clear: perfection lies in imperfection. Yay for us!

So ditch your roll-ups and grab your scissors, because I’m telling you right here and right now that this raw edge feels, well, right. And it will do for quite some time. Oh, and not that you need instructions on how to go snip, but check out our video (click on ‘previous post’ below or go to the home page) to see one I made earlier, along with a few ways to wear your new favourite jeans. Snip snip!

Photography: Emma Scott-Child
Styling: Kelly Mosely