The evenings have drawn in and the weather is showing us all kinds of damp and grey, winter isn’t coming, it’s already here!

At this time of year I have to force myself outside and only then, when truly necessary. I love a lazy lay-about and cosy time at home, but it can be so easily sapped by social media, devices and a general continuation of the hectic ways of day-to-day life.

So, when I started reading about the Danish lifestyle Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) where simple things are enjoyed and time is taken to pause and create celebration out of simple daily moments, I thought this would the perfect time of year to fully embrace it (despite the current Hygee backlash in the British press!).


While apparently there’s no one English word to describe Hygge, several could be used to describe the idea of Hygge: cosiness, charm, happiness, familiarity, comfort, contentment, kinship, and simpleness. I have a few friends who implement this in their lives already, making a slow-cooked porridge for breakfast, taking time to brew a pot of tea with loose leaves, lighting a candle with meals. Hygge is all about enjoying the moment and being in the moment. These are all things which could help me enjoy the winter rather than drudging through it.

Of course I can’t stop there and while I’m imagining my perfect cosy Hygge set up there are a few ‘little’ items that might just help me get into the swing of it….

ll_hygge_cushion ll_hygge_granny-candle ll_teapot ll_hygge_dipped-mug_goodhoodll_hygge_scented-candlell_hygge_soft-triangle


Photography from IngredientsLDN