In honour of International Women’s Day 2015, this week’s Ladyloop is dedicated to fiery femmes, good causes and brilliant ideas that are lifting up girls and women around the world… 

Emma is thrilled to find 10 unknown women from her favourite art movement, Dadaism. Let’s uncover more brilliant women in art history!

Clémentine won’t be walking 10.000 steps a day this week but is wholeheartedly supporting this fundraising initiative with a donation instead.

Bella can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to up sticks and start your life over in a new country, like the nominees for tonight’s Women on the Move awards, which celebrate the HUGE achievements of female migrants and refugees in the UK.

Selina wishes these empowering workshops were around during her school days…

Although her daughter is only 3, Celia read this article with great interest as it gave her hope for her daughter’s future in the workplace.

Margherita is really impressed by this awesome group of fierce women, who have found an empowering, slightly ironic way to gain independence in the face of gender inequality in their country. Seeing their packs ride through towns and fields must be a really inspiring sight!

Photography: Sophie Taeuber, Composition with Circles and Semi-Circles, oil on canvas, 1935