Need a hot tip on the best to see or do? Fancy a good read, meal or conversation starter? Check out what the Ladyland team is making, reading, cooking, coveting and pondering. Enjoy!

Margherita wonders how she might look like if this hypnotic brain got hold of her face.

Selina is mesmerised by these otherworldly photos, starring peacocks, pythons, bears and other beautiful beasts…

Emma’s baby will be bang on trend thanks to this jacket.

On Ruth’s next jaunt to Liberty, she wants to sniff out Pulp by Byredo to see what the fuss is about. It’s cropping up a lot and looks tempting, swish and Swedish… but how does it smell?

Clementine has discovered the ultimate hipster video – about chocolate! Good-looking brothers: check; matching beards and aprons: check; bagpipes: check; sailing boat: check; fancy packaging: check… Taking ourselves a bit too seriously: check! When can we have a taste please???

Bella discovered these fantastic crocheted cards yesterday at the Barbican centre and wants to buy the lot.

Today Celia has a fascination with numbers after someone asked her favourite and she realised that it was also the world’s favourite

Kelly is going to go out on a limb and say that she is distinctly underwhelmed by this. Sorry Kate, I think your design days are numbered…

What are you looking at today?

Image: via Pen & Gravy