We’re in the mood for love! This week, Ladyloop is devoted to the wonderful (and weird) things that make our hearts turn into mush.

Forget hot-tub cinema, Celia thinks curling up on a giant cushion with your other half watching a film is a perfect romantic date.

Emma will be hinting to her husband that one of these brunch recipes from the Atterley Road blog might be nice on Saturday morning.

Okay, so call her a perv, but Selina still thinks this is one of the most romantic movies ever – and she’d rather be bossed around by E. Edward Grey than Christian whatshisface any day.

Bella fell hard for Penhaligon’s classic, Love Potion No.9, in the halcyon days of 1997 when she discovered it via a glamorous make-up artist she met during work experience. It’s still one of her all-time favourites and gets an annual airing every St Valentine’s day.

Last week Margherita got a tip for the perfect Valentine date for storytellers, cinephiles and comic book lovers – anything these guys do is a real treat.

Clementine never does anything special for Valentine’s day, but as it is on a Saturday this year she might make an exception and bake one of these pretties.

 Photography: Courtesy of Pillow Cinema