You won’t be surprised to learn that feasting is probably our favourite thing about Christmas. The beautifully styled recipes, the gathering of obscure ingredients, the forgiving expansion of an elasticated waistband – that’s what midwinter is all about. That’s why this week, we’ve planned you a virtual feast stuffed full of our favourite Christmas recipes. Even if what we actually end up feasting on is a hunk of Lidl cheddar and some slightly soft Jacobs crackers, the thought was there… 

Ready for a new adventure, Margherita really hopes her Tuscan chicken liver crostini are going to be as delicious as her mum’s on the 25th – surely it’s time someone invented a “rent-an-Italian-mamma” service somewhere in London that caters for Christmas?

Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini

Selina can’t deny Jamie Oliver does good Christmas: once you try his festive goose, you’re never going back to tired old turkey. And this is prepped a day in advance! Sanity officially saved.

Bella marvels at the fact that her cookery crushes, the Hemsley’s, can even make these coconut roasted sprouts look totally instagrammable.


After a miserable attempt a couple of years ago, Clementine might have another go at baking her own panettone.

Cream, rum, sugar and chesnuts? This would be Celia’s perfect closure on christmas dinner (if there is closure?)


Emma would like to have roast pork for lunch on Christmas day just so she can have some of these spicy Korean buns for Boxing Day leftovers. (Or maybe she could steal some of Selina’s goose).