Need a hot tip on the best to see or do? Fancy a good read, meal or conversation starter? Check out what the Ladyland team is making, reading, cooking, coveting and pondering. Enjoy!

Bella’s given up sugar for a month for a feature, but in exactly eight days it’s all going to be over and she’ll be baking these triple chocolate cookies to celebrate.

Selina thinks this little number might help perk her up during the 3pm slump…

Emma is celebrating five years since she got married here.

Celia is wondering if there is about to be a new ‘Memphis’ movement and the end of the grey/black/white trend.

After passing by Liberty, Margherita wants to cover everything in soft, pretty triangles.

Ruth’s happy because her kids are happy… invest in Toca Salon; sheer joy.

After spending all week here, Kelly can say with absolute certainty that if you buy a blue coat like this now you will be SO happy with yourself next winter when you are accidentally-on-purpose rocking AW14’s biggest trend.

Clementine is thinking of taking up quilting. With a little bit (hum, a lot) of practice she might be able to make one of these beauties!

What are you looking at this week?

Photography: via Sprouted Kitchen