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These reimagined masterpieces are making Selina wish she’d nicked more Pantone swatches during her publishing days…

Celia thinks this poster of kick-ass women is the perfect accessory for a girl’s bedroom.

Margherita’s kitchen is definitely missing one of these

Bella is wondering if (like Mark Rylance) the ancient text of the I Ching, can help her with her all-important ‘life sh1t’ decisions.

Emma is totally fascinated with this tale of typographic mystery from over 100 years ago. Essential reading for all type nerds.

After years of enduring out-of-lines colouring by her children, Clementine has finally surrendered and bought herself her own colouring book: best buy ever!

Image: Edvard Munch, ‘The Scream’as recreated by Nick Smith