Need a hot tip on the best thing to see or do? Fancy a good read, meal or conversation starter? Check out what the Ladyland team is making, reading, cooking, coveting and pondering. Enjoy!

Margherita would like to be enchanted by this rainbow-making installation by Tom Fruin.

Selina can’t stop cackling over this fat cat’s cameos in classic art… and his name is Zarathustra.

Bella was totally sucked in by this interview with Robin Rinaldi, author of The Wild Oats Project, on Women’s Hour yesterday.

Emma is reading this interesting and slightly worrying piece on the potential tech bubble burst.

And yet again Clementine has come across another indispensable gadget for her kitchen.

Celia is mesmerised by this film and its made her consider the impact of materials she uses in her designs.

Photography: Robert Banat