Need a hot tip on the best thing to see or do? Fancy a good read, meal or conversation starter? Check out what the Ladyland team is making, reading, cooking, coveting and pondering. Enjoy!

Emma is both disgusted and intrigued by the idea of Jell-O Salad.

Selina can’t wait to get into these TED talks to share with kids (even though her boys are a bit on the young side and she might be the only one listening!)

Bella loved reading about the marvellous Donna Karan’s beauty routine. Bring on the baths and bodysuits!

This sneaky studio in South London ticks all the boxes for Celia –she doesn’t think Fraher Architects can do anything wrong!

Margherita is one of the very lucky few who got tickets to this incredible show and she’s SOOOOO excited!!

Clem thinks she might start using some of these dog poo markers around South London