It’s been fun, but see you later, 2014! We know you’re already on top of it, but just in case you’re in the market for more ways to make your new year bigger, brighter and more brilliant, check out what the Ladies are shooting for in 2015…  Happy New Year, all!

Bella vows she will clamber back on the healthy eating wagon after a slight festive glitch. Lucky that Anna Jones’ beautifully styled vegetarian cookbook was tucked in her stocking, then.

Selina is going to make like her new guru, Jared Leto – yes, that Jared Leto – and learn how to harness the ‘power of no‘…

Emma wonders if her New Year’s resolution to drink more water will be aided by a Scandinavian water carafe on her desk.

Clementine is giving up chocolate… for a whole month! She couldn’t help herself and googled alternatives to chocolate: could this be the solution?

Every new year Margherita makes numerous resolutions which, invariably, have withered away by the end of May. So this year she’s promising herself only one thing: writing to far away loved ones more often. Maybe she’ll stick to her intent if she turned it into a project?

Aiming to make time to be more cultured in 2015, Celia’s first trip will be to this beautiful exhibition.

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