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Emma needs to find a vintage sofa, an upholsterer and some of this magic Sunbrella stuff after seeing this post from Emily Henderson.

Selina has been cackling over these conversations with a two-year-old – although it’s a bit too close to home…

Bella is wondering who she might bump into at the Wellcome Collection’s rather racy new exhibition – The Institute of Sexology. She’ll be the one in dark glasses.

Celia is hoping that there are more incentives in place to stop wasteful use and production of plastic after watching this shocking film.

Clementine has had an unopened jar of coconut oil in her kitchen cupboard for the last year, but now she might finally use it.

Margherita loves being tickled by this very clever woman. Whether on a highly respected newspaper, or on a more girly magazine.

 Photography: Tessa Neustadt

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