A few months ago all the ladies got together to discuss upcoming posts and by some strange serendipity a few of us had ideas that were Japanese. So we’ve declared this week, JAPAN WEEK in Ladyland, and all our posts will be super kawaii because… well, Japan is awesome so why the hell not?

This week Bella will take a dip in an onsen, Clem will bake with matcha powder, Marghe will sip on sake cocktails and turn her lunch into a crazy-cute masterpiece. Selina will celebrate the Japanese art of the ‘unuseful idea’ while Emma gets crafty with gift wrap. But first, let’s take a dive into some truly insane musical mayhem.

Close friend of Ladyland and genuine Tokyo native, Maiko Nakamura, has put together a Youtube playlist to get us in the mood. It features a Japan’s answer to The Jackson 5 high on sugar, mirrorball bodysuits, a pop/ska boyband and I defy you to not tap your toes to the BB Queens, whose backing singer wins our vote for most awesome silver lamé mom shorts….

“My name is Maiko, and I’m from Tokyo. These songs are a mix of old and new. The newer ones represent what is very popular in Japan now, the older songs are mainly from my school years. Me and my friends loved listening and dancing to these songs when we were at school. A lot of these songs are still well known, I love singing some of them when we go to karaoke. The videos are also great: typical Japanese pop-culture style. I hope you enjoy them, they’re pretty different from UK pop music!”


Maiko is a high-energy prankster from Tokyo who loves high-end fashion and sweet, cheap liquor. She lived in London for about six years working as a hairdresser, where she met the Ladyland crew and introduced us to her special brand of crazy. A few of us have paid her visits since she moved back to Tokyo and we have all come back laden with vintage crockery, fancy stationery and massive hangovers because she knows all the right places where to take a Lady.