It started with a conversation about bush (not Kate). Then Celia mentioned her terrarium, Clem said that she fancies a wooly wall hanging and before we knew it we had fallen head first into a shag pile and paisley wormhole. There’s no denying there’s some sort of 70s zeitgeist about at the moment, so for that reason alone we have declared this week 70s week!

We have each taken on a 70s inspired post this week, from bush maintenance and macrame to retro cocktails. To kick it off we have a playlist of awesome 70s ladies (backed up by a few dudes on guitars) featuring The Carpenters, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith, and a little Boney M for some aural cheesy fondue. It’s made by two chicks called Kirsty and Cass who weren’t even born until the 80s but, they’re our go-to audiophiles for all things musical and their taste in disco can’t be beat.

So get your kaftan on, grab some giant sunnies and turn it up loud!


cas and kirsty

Cass and Kirsty are two tune-loving music industry types who share an office, but yet communicate mostly via the medium of shared 90s RnB youtube clips when they’re not discussing cupcake decorating, burger recipes, nail-art designs and their two extremely cute puppies.