This feature could also be called ‘What to wear when you’re so sick of your winter coat you could actually scream.” It might not *technically* be any warmer than it was last week, but Sunday was the first official day of Spring, so in order to justify some new season shopping, I’m rolling with it. That and the fact that I’m struggling to imagine leaving the house in anything other than my ridiculously warm parka.  Introducing the Spring Jackets you most definitely won’t regret buying.



In at number one is the trench. If you’ve worn your classic beige one to death like I have then consider this dark navy Topshop Boutique one as an update. Just as easy to wear, and (on a mum note) far more accepting of mucky little hands/baby vomit/being shoved under a buggy with leaking juice boxes. In fact, if you don’t have kids and have the pleasure of an actual social life, this also fares particularly well when shoved under/on/behind a table in a bar when you’re a bit too pissed to care. Ah, those were the days…



Remember when your denim jacket was (probably) the most worn item in your wardrobe, followed closely by your oversized denim shirt?  Well here’s the slightly smarter, possibly more grown-up version of those old favourites.  It will look just as good with jeans and trainers as it will over a slightly bohemian dress (like this one http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0359816004.html) when the weather gets warmer. Zara are calling it a ‘frock coat’ but don’t let that put you off. It’s also, frankly, a total steal at £39.99.



I’ve always loved a bomber jacket. Particularly those with a slightly more dressed up feel, like this satin one from & Other Stories. It manages to do that brilliant thing of making you look like you’ve made an effort, when in actual fact you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I wore it the other weekend and felt pulled-together for the first time since having a baby 3 months ago.  In my book, anything that has that kind of magic power deserves a place in your wardrobe. I’m not going to pretend that it’s practical, because it’s not. And anyway, that’s not really the point. But it’s bloody lovely, will make you feel nice and won’t (totally) break the bank. Winner.



If you’re a leather jacket kind of person then chances are you might be in the market for something different to your black biker. This single breasted seventies-inspired style is going to be huge this season, and a totally justifiable spend if you know from experience that a leather jacket is something you pretty much live in. A new classic, if you will.  I have it on good authority that Uterque’s leather is seriously good quality for the price tag too. On another note, if you’re not familiar with Uterque yet, then I highly recommend giving it a whirl. Owned by the Inditex group and big sister to Zara, this is another higher-end high street brand to add to your arsenal.



If you’ve grown attached to your parka throughout this long, long winter then you might be struggling to imagine leaving the house without it. I know I am. So to make the transition easier, what about this light-weight version from the king of Scandi-style, COS? In a more unusual colour than your traditional parka, this minimal cotton jacket does just as well with trackies and trainers on the school run as it does styled slightly smarter for work (I’m thinking black culottes and a crisp white shirt).