As sure as eggs, no two weddings will ever be the same, and thank goodness, as that would be weird. Now more than ever, the modern bride and the intelligent groom work diligently from the day of their engagement to days after their big day to ensure it is a reflection of their personalities, life and loves. And in this quest, their wedding becomes a celebration of their uniqueness (this isn’t code for strange, although it also can be).

Weddings are one especially important place where phrases such as ‘Isn’t that the same as at Polly/Holly/Molly’s?’ should be avoided. No bride worth her salt would be comfortable with the idea her special day lacked in originality. It’s the most sought-after wedding currency.

As we hit the lighter, brighter, warmer months, up pop spring wedding fairs across the country. One can only imagine it’s rather intimidating walking into one of these colossal events: adrenalin coursing through the veins at the idea of finding that something (dress, veil, shoes, florist, vintage crockery) that is going to set your day apart. Oh the pressure!

So it’s a huge delight that the team behind A Most Curious Party has had such success with A Most Curious Wedding Fair: a London (and Norwich) event for which exhibitors have been hand picked for their creative flair and uniqueness (no mass-produced wedding trends here). Now in its eighth year, A Most Curious Wedding Fair seeks out the especially lovely, the unusual and cool.

Ladyland has been invited to exhibit and we’re very excited to take our wares offline for some face-to-face time. We’re bringing our blend of craft and design to the London event to meet creative brides who want (and perhaps need, out of financial necessity – weddings don’t grow on trees) to produce some of the finishing touches themselves. With DIY kits and our super tutorials (online and in the flesh), Ladyland can’t wait to show you what we do – come and see us!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair is this Friday 4 April (6-9pm VIP and Press night) and Saturday 5 April (10.30am-5pm) at Hackney Downs Studios, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT.

We have two tickets to give away! Send us a message on our facebook page to win.

Tickets are available from

Photography: via A Most Curious Wedding Fair