This week our Ladyloves are the hardworking ladies behind Bimble Shoes, sisters Osyth and Bethany. They know the sweet release of a cocktail after the kids are (finally) in bed and they’ve sheared their top 5 tipples with us today. 

The daughters of shoemakers, Osyth and Bethany grew up wearing their parents’ handmade, super-soft shoes from a very young age. They were surprised to discover that many of the baby shoes people thought of as healthy were hard, uncomfortable and restrictive, so when their daughters came along they went back to the workshop and made their own. 

Shoes are a family business, have you always wanted to start your own shoe company?
As best friends as well as sisters, we always wanted to start a business together, but in all honesty the shoes came a bit later. When we became mothers we were looking for a career change, and did that thing a lot of people do where we searched for the genius business idea which we could work on together, and after making some shoes for Osyth’s first daughter we found that the answer was staring us in the face!

What are the best bits about being your own boss?
Being able to work with a G&T on the desk when the children are in bed is a wonderful thing. It’s also great having no ceiling on our creativity, it’s a great feeling working only to our own limitations, and not someone else’s. The flexibility to work around family life has to be the absolute best thing. Although we have never worked harder, we are doing it on our own terms and can juggle family life so that we don’t miss out on so many important moments in our young children’s lives.

Has motherhood inspired your designs?
Absolutely. It’s only since becoming mothers that we realised there was a real need for shoes like ours. When our little ones started walking we struggled to find anything healthy and stylish in the shops, and so we went to our parents’ workshop and created our own. The style of our classic mocc is fine-tuned to give the best balance of comfort and protection for little feet. Our children also inspired our launch collection, and we have a colour to suit every mood, from playful primary colours, to classic muted tones and our favourites; the metallics and sparkles in our luxe line. Our children’s shoedrobes are fast outgrowing ours!

Where can we get our hands on some Bimbles?
Our website ships worldwide and we are in talks with a number of boutique shops who are hoping to stock our shoes. The first to sign up is Spotty Herberts in Bath with more to follow soon.



“Happy parents make happy kids. Although we strive to do the best for our children, everyone knows that running on empty is no good for anyone, and sometimes it’s just time to fill that tank with a well-earned drink. Here are a few of our favourites that get us through the ups and downs of mum-life.”




There’s been poo in the bath. There's been relentless emptying of drawers, cupboards, laundry hampers, the christmas decoration box and biscuit tins. There have been tears. There’s been cbeebies, possibly running the whole day. There’s been under-the-breath cussing, there’s been bribery. They’re in bed, and you don’t have to see them again for 12 hours (2 hours). Except now you miss them and you wish you could start the day again. It’s a Negroni day.




It’s date night, the first in a while. You and your partner are full of anticipation – eating nice food uninterrupted, talking, being out after dark! You decide to stop at a Mexican bar before dinner for a quick drink. It makes sense, I mean you could get a call from the babysitter any minute. Every second is precious. So you down a carafe of Tiger’s Claw in 15 minutes….we should explain what a Tiger’s Claw involves. The main ingredient is mezcal, a bigger, better version of tequila. Then there’s lime juice, chilli and salt, except the salt is really ground-up maguey worms. Needless to say you’re on fire for the rest of the night. Not so much the next day though.




It’s been one of those glorious Saturdays when you’ve spent a lazy morning making nice instagram-worthy breakfast while your children play nicely together before meeting friends in a kid-friendly beer garden that actually serves great cocktails, and sipping on English Gardens (Hendricks gin, prosecco, elderflower cordial & mint) as the afternoon wanes. You feel all bubbly as you marvel at your wonderful life, friends, husband, kids etc. etc. Technically the kids are still up but it’s after their official bedtime so it counts. Disclaimer – this kind of day happens about once a year.




You’re on holiday. You’ve had a hot morning running around after the kids applying suncream, repeatedly re-applying hats, dusting off sand, feeding them, watering them, changing them. You’re in a dream spot but you haven’t had one single breath to yourself. And then it’s nap-time. You excitedly order your first drink of the day. It’s a chilli mojito. It’s sweet and it’s hot, just like this golden hour. You feel euphoric.




Everyone in the house has been struck down by the mother of all colds. You might even go so far as to indulgently call it flu, but you know it’s probably not. You congratulate yourself on your excellent immune system as you sweep about the house like Florence Nightingale mopping brows, wiping noses and making soup. Then, just as everyone starts to recover you get the achey eyes, the hoarse throat and the pang of regret that you weren’t even MORE sympathetic because this is really bad. It’s definitely flu. Finally it’s bedtime and before you sink into your long anticipated bed, your husband makes you a’medicinal’ hot toddy, you feel soothed, a bit tipsy and soooo relaxed. You might fall asleep on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me at this point.


Sisters Osyth and Bethany launched Bimble in June 2016, working closely with professional podiatrists to develop the design and supported by the family, including their eldest brother Toby who runs the workshop in Somerset with his two sons.
Check them out here, and on instagram.