Where’s your happy place? Does it involve feet up, bra off, pyjamas on? We’ve put together a little pyjama edit for slobbing out in style. We’ve even repurposed some active wear and returned it to its rightful place, the sofa. Some of them are so great you’ll want to wear them out of the house too.


1. Hush cashmere hoodie
Can you actually beat a hoodie for sitting around in? Cashmere? Yes please :))

2. Sweaty Betty yoga pants.
I love a bit of grey marl for lounging and I actually own a pair of these yoga trousers which so far I have only stretched out on the sofa in (Yay active wear!)

3. Toast grey felt slippers
These are seriously the best slippers around.




4. Kip & Co pyjamas, top and bottoms.
I can totally see myself in the ‘Birds Eye’ pyjamas by Aussie boutique bedding label Kip & Co

5. Kip & Co Quilt cover
And of course, I’ll hide under the matching quilt cover and hope that nobody can find me on Monday mornings.




Ok, these would be a total splurge but imagine how luxurious you’d feel!
I love this flower/stripes pyjamas combo! and wonder if I would get away with wearing it as day wear too?!





9. The Bright Company, mama slim jyms  10. The Bright Company, junior slim jyms
I love The Bright Company, the novelty of wearing the same pyjamas as my kids never wears off, for all of us. Plus the slim style makes them super cosy.




11. J.Crew vintage pyjama set
Ever since I watched Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited I’ve had a serious hankering for some proper mannish PJs. These fit the bill perfectly.

12. Bohemia Moroccan slippers
I’ll be wearing them with my Moroccan slippers bought in Marrakesh, they look a bit like these.