Okay, we admit it: you’d never think we’re on the brink of summertime in London. But we know there are glorious days ahead – soon it’ll hit a whopping 20°C and your local common will be heaving with bodies stripped down to their smalls to catch a tan, while others attempt to barbecue sausages with nothing but a tin foil tray and a handful of coals desperately smouldering away.

Ah, summertime. Those lazy days spent in the sunshine. Festivals that give you an excuse to wear flowers in your hair. Deck chairs in the park. The clink of ice in a massive jug of Pimm’s. And most evocatively, that song that always brings you back to that one really fantastic summer…

In honour of these anthems, here are the summery songs that are getting us all hot and bothered:

My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit
“We’re going to see these guys at the Green Man Festival in Wales in August. It’ll probably rain and we won’t shower for three days, but at least the soundtrack is sorted.”
– Bella

Let’s Dance (Yak Inek Unek) by Ibibio Sound Machine
“This really sums up summer for me – I’m going to be dancing at the BBQ to this one!”
– Celia

Les Fleurs by Minnie Riperton
“Seeing this video recently has rekindled my love for it. Watch it all the way through; it’s good. I don’t know anything about Minnie Riperton or when it was recorded – I just know it sounds like pure summer especially when turned up to full volume in the car with all the windows down.”
– Emma

Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud by Tony Clarke
“Turned up really loud, naturally.”
– Ruth

Slow Motion by PHOX
“Such a dreamy song – in my fantasy life this would be the soundtrack to a summer spent fanning myself by a pool, sipping mint juleps.”
– Selina

Heartbeats by The Knife
“Makes you feel immersed in a hot, lazy summer day regardless of the weather. One of those days when you’re melting even if you’re sitting down in the shade, but it’s kinda nice because everything turns slow and hazy, the cicadas are singing and you can have ice-creams with your friends and flirt at night on the beach.”
– Margherita

Fall At Your Feet by Saint Raymond
”Just because I love singing it very loudly with the kids in the car!”
– Clementine

And check out the Ladyland summer playlist for even more favourites. An hour and a half of summery sounds and not a single David Guetta track in sight – promise.
What’s your summer anthem?

Words: Selina Altomonte
Photography: Dee Ramadan