A little while ago the awesome ladies behind Tiba+Marl asked me to make some pinatas for their first birthday bash so I made a giant spangly T+M. To be honest, they weren’t meant to be that big, they sort of grew a mind of their own as I went along, but boy did they make an impact.

It looks like a lot of work …but it’s not actually that hard, just time consuming. Once you’re sticking on the fringing it’s actually one of those tasks that’s very relaxing when you get into the zone. At the party someone asked me if I made pinatas as my job and it struck me that it could potentially be a really relaxing career if I could spend the day listening to music and sticking things together all day long.

So here’s how you do it. If you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve to plan ahead for an event, it’s a great party prop. As long as you can bear to watch the Lord of the Flies style primal bludgeoning of your creation when the time comes to spill the loot.

And congratulations Tiba and Marl on a year of stylish, fabulous, mum bossing. Check them out people. Changing bags finally got cool.


  1. Lots of cardboard to make the box – I asked the art shop for their leftover boxes. Big sheets of art paper come in huge flat boxes that the art shop will happily give you for free.
  2. Masking tape – I stuck the box together with this. It’s good because it’s not too strong. If you use gaffer tape, no one will be able to break it apart later.
  3. A stanley knife – to cut the cardboard
  4. About 20m of metallic cellophane – I got mine from a florist supplier website.
  5. Scissors to cut the cellophane into fringing
  6. PVA glue and water to stick it on
  7. A paint brush to paint the glue on
  8. Rope to hang it up
  9. SWEETS! – also bouncy balls and confetti make excellent fillers because they look great as they come out.

Also useful…

  1. A plastic container to mix the glue mixture
  2. A plastic sheet or extra piece of cardboard to do your sticking on.





Photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child