Aah, ’tis the season to eat, drink, be merry and grab a cheeky kebab before you pretend to be less pissed while you pay the babysitter. Just me? I know I’m not alone.

Well, while you’re visiting your friendly neighbourhood junk food supplier, why not ask them for a bunch of their kebab bags so you can make a dazzling paper star? It requires some assembly, but not so much that you can’t do it hangover. Winner! Mum of the Year! Go and show the PTA!

Here’s the video… it’s very Karadashian that the holding frame is me blocking my own child’s face with my creation. Oops!

I’ve made another version of this before using stripy paper bags, but this is the festive version that ends up looking more like a snowflake than a star. Perfect for the front door / school winter fair / shop windows / hiding that bit of the wall that you still haven’t painted from your dad at Christmas time.


  1. You’ll need 8 or 9 bags per star. I bought 20 from my kebab guy for £1.50. (He obviously thought I was a nutter but I know he’s seen worse.)
  2. A glue stick – don’t be shy with the glue, make sure it really sticks
  3. Scissors

That’s is! check out the video and let me know how it goes if you make one! Show me on instagram with #ladylandmakes



Video and styling: Emma Scott-Child

Thanks to my lovely assistant, Frida and Lotte Goodwin, handmodel and camera operator extraordinaire