** NEW VIDEO** Frida had her 4th birthday party the other day. She’s currently obsessed with Katy Perry’s Roar video so decking out the whole house like a jungle seemed to be logical thing to do. We made some jungle bunting out of paper, wool and string and I decorated the whole party for around £10. Bargain! Watch the video to see how we did it. You could even try this out if you don’t have a jungle party coming up, it would be a great nursery or classroom decoration. We’ve still got it up in our lounge three weeks later. I might just keep it up for good.

  1. Green A4 paper (or any colour really)
  2. Plastic straws – I got mine from Ikea
  3. Cellotape
  4. Wool or string
  5. Scissors
  6. A circle cutter – if you fancy adding circles too.

Thanks to Funky Moves for providing us with jungle entertainment! If you’re in South London and you’re looking for party entertainers, check them out.


Video, photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child