Alright, we’ll admit it – these are the guys we pine away for (but we totally love our husbands and partners). Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

PS If any of the gentlemen mentioned below happen to read this, PM us, OK?

She doesn’t really do blondes (well, her partner Andy’s borderline mousey) but Bella’s V-day vote goes out to the chiselled, hair-gelled handsomeness that is actor (and sometime campaign model) Michael Pitt.

Selina is still waiting for John Cusack to turn up under her window holding up a boom box.

Celia’s crush is Pharrell – but not in this hat.

Emma has a thing for artist/author/cute hipster Oliver Jeffers. He’s talented, funny and not bad on the eye. That’s all three corners of the sexy triangle, ladies.

Matthew McConaughey has long had a place in Kelly’s heart. That voice, those eyes, that BODY, and this shower scene. She loves him for his rom coms and his more serious work alike. Swoon.

She doesn’t want it to be this way, but Ruth is feeling a touch fuzzy over that Benedict Cumberbatch.Especially when he’s all slim suit, crisp shirt, smoothly coiffed AND getting mathematical with The Count.

Clementine is very partial to a bit of Ethan Hawke circa Reality Bites – she thinks it might be the hair that does it for her…

Margherita’s first crush was Marty McFly, and she’s in luck because next July he’ll be arriving again in the DeLorean.