No, not the one that frequently follows ” she’s such a….”. The word I’m talking about is a far worse one in terms of a Fashion Editor only recently edging into her thirties. Allow me to elaborate. See the picture below of Laura Fantacci of Red magazine and Wearing It Today fame? She looks great, right? And her shoes are amazing. The perfect fancy flat for summer. Dress them up, dress them down etc etc, you know the drill.


But wait a minute, where are they from? Kurt Geiger? Zara? Topshop even? Um, no. None of the above. The answer is… (drumroll please) Boden.

I know, right? This is a brand I have never considered shopping from. Ever. I just don’t think of myself as a Boden kinda gal. In fact, Im pretty much the anti-Boden gal. Meaning that despite hankering after these in a big way, for more than a few months, I refused to even consider buying them. Kind of pathetic, I know.

I’ve searched high and low for an alternative that matches up, but I haven’t found one. And do you know what? I give in. I don’t care anymore where they’re from, and can’t actually believe I ever did. I love them, they feel ’right’ for this season, I know they’ll breathe a new lease of life into my basics and they won’t even break the bank. So I’m going to get them.

And maybe there’s a lesson in that on judging fashion on its own merit – not by the name printed on the soles of a pair of shoes. The only problem now is, which colour do I get? Silver is a frontrunner, followed closely by black patent and then the red-and-pink striped canvas pair. Oh, and then the yellow-and-white polka dot pair are super cute too.

Oh crap. I guess I am a Boden gal after all…