Halloween is only a few weeks away which means it’s time to head down to ASDA and pick up a costume…. Joking!

Obviously we’re getting crafty over here but we’re making it easy for you with this free downloadable set of mini tatts for little rockabillies that you can print at home.

After last year’s success dressing my son as a hipster, it seems like a good moment to inflict the same fate on my daughter Frida before she’s too big to protest! To make it enticing for her I designed some tattoos with a little hipster’s interests at heart, Peppa Pig, ice-cream, Frozen, Lego, you know the drill. I managed to prise her out of her Frozen dress for ten minutes to cover her in them and she absolutely loved it. In fact she told me this morning that she no longer wants to be a helicopter pilot, she now wants to be a ‘tattoo shop lady’. Result?

Read on after the photos for our a free download of the designs and instructions to do it yourself…








LL_miniheaders_YOU WILL NEED_620

1. The designs. Download them here as an A4 PDF.

2. Some temporary tattoo paper for an inkjet printer. I used Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper. There are a few different brands around, but this one seems to get the best reviews. You can also buy it in a set with a cutting machine and some other stuff, but don’t worry about that, you just need the paper.

3. Scissors – to cut them all out carefully

4. Water and a cloth – to apply the tattoos

5. A patient child – good luck with that. I found a mirror worked well to hold her attention.

LL_miniheaders_HOW TO DO IT_620

1. Download the design.

2. Print it on normal paper first so you put the fancy paper in the right way up the first time. (It is meant to be back to front! You’re not going mad.)

3. Print the design out on your temporary tattoo paper, following the instructions from the paper that you have.

4. Apply to your small person.

5. Take small person to the shops and act oblivious to the confused glances from older people. Kids these days!



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Photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child
Model: Mademoiselle Frida