Shopping for statement pieces is fun, sure. But what really floats my boat is when I buy things I know I will wear on almost a daily basis. My uniform, if you will.  Even more so since having my second baby, fashion has become something that is all about making it easy to get dressed in the morning. Not that I’m wearing a onesie you understand. But more that I need my clothes to be easy to throw on, versatile enough to be worn with tons of other things in my wardrobe, and have enough about them to make me feel like I haven’t missed the fashion boat. Add to that the fact I’m on a maternity leave budget and it makes me more determined that anything I buy has to work hard enough to justify the spend. Here’s the 5 pieces I’ll be buying to add to my wear-everyday- wardrobe sometime very soon.*

*some of these may have been purchased already. This blog is officially bad for my bank balance.


This is a no brainer. You know the trainer you already wear everyday? Buy it again, but this time in a different colour. I’ve worn my black gazelles for two years and know they work with the rest of my wardrobe , are comfy, and also ridiculously versatile. (They look just as good with dresses and tailoring as they do with jeans and tees) so I’m buying them in green this time.  As those annoyingly addictive meerkats say, simples.


The Mom Jean trend still has miles and miles left in it. And If, like me, you love the idea of a pair of vintage 501’s but can’t get over how unflattering they are in real life, ( as opposed to Pinterest) I have the answer for you. Or rather, Levis does. The wedgie icon ( try to look past the hideous name) has all the faded charm of those 501’s you keep seeing on bloggers, but with a way more flattering cut. High waisted, straight but slim leg and a more contemporary 7/8ths length. Oh, and as the name suggests: perfectly placed rear pockets to make you look like you’ve had a butt lift.  These are as close to miracle working as any jeans I have ever met. ( and I am a self-confessed denim addict/snob). Buy them. Immediately.


This summer I discovered the magic of the statement sleeved blouse. In short, I could wear it with anything and it made it look like I’d actually put some thought in to what I was wearing, when in actual fact I’d pretty much grabbed it off the floor in a blind (forgot my lenses)sleep deprived fog. So I’m thinking this statement sleeved sweat is the perfect tried and tested update for when it gets a bit colder out. Yes,it’s white; AKA the least practical colour in the works. But it’s machine washable so I figure there’s not much Vanish Gold can’t handle. *sexy*.


Not your proper warm winter coat. But more of a jacket/coat hybrid. One that you can wear in September ( once the heat wave ends, that is) over a tee, but also layer over a cashmere knit later in the year. Why oversized? Because it hides a multitude of sins. Like bad school run outfits, and the fact you actually wear the same jeans ( just me? See above )every day of the week. This collarless, rust coloured one will fit easily into a mainly black, grey, white and navy wardrobe too. Ie. If you keep promising yourself you’ll wear more colour, this is an easy way to go.


Crucially, a crossbody style. Because who doesn’t want to keep their hands free for coffee carrying/umbrella wielding/child wrangling? No one, that’s who. Although if I’m totally honest, I usually carry a small cross body bag (so practical.Yawn) in addition to either a large shopper or a nappy bag.

Choose black if you have any colourful coats/jackets to avoid unintentional clashing (I fully condone an intentional clash though, FYI) and keep it small in size so you can use it in the evening also. The thicker than usual strap and exaggerated boxy silhouette make this And Other Stories bag look more designer than high street while it’s minimal stylings mean it will go with almost anything.